Is a Standing Desk Worth It
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Is a Standing Desk Worth It?

Since working from home is fast becoming the norm, home offices have become breeding grounds for innovative ergonomic furniture. Some of the most popular examples are standing desks

They are supposed to be healthier alternatives to the traditional office or computer chairs. But are they really effective, or are they just another office furniture fad? 

Let’s take a closer look at whether a standing desk is truly worth it.

Burns More Calories Than Sitting

Burns More Calories Than SittingBurns More Calories Than Sitting

A sedentary life is never a healthy one, However, there are still ways to burn calories even if you’re chained to your work desk for eight hours a day.

Standing in front of your desk does burn more calories compared to sitting, though not by a lot. A Harvard health article states that sitting burns around 80 calories an hour while standing burns 88 calories per hour (so not much of a difference).

However, if you want to up your caloric-burning activities while raising your heart rate, consider getting on your exercise bike each time you take a break from work. 

If you don’t want to invest in a work desk stationary bike yet, this might be a good temporary option.

Can Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Can Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

A lot of coworking spaces in Singapore offer snacks and beverages which can raise your blood sugar levels if you aren’t careful. And if you sit still for hours, it can cause your blood sugar levels to worsen. 

What standing desks can present as a healthier option to sitting is mindfulness, which can affect how you focus on your work, as well. This is especially true when you go to work right after a meal.

Also, an upright body is slightly more active than a sitting one which means you can burn up more of the carbs and sugar that you ate for breakfast, snack time, or lunch.

Can Reduce Back Pain

Can Reduce Back Pain

Most ordinary office chairs don’t offer the kind of back support you need for a full day’s work. You can invest in comfier and more sturdily-built gaming chairs but be prepared for the high price tag.

A case study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed how the Take-a-Stand Project reduced upper back and neck pain by 54% among employees who reduced their sitting time by a little over an hour a day!

This is a significant percentage if you have chronic back pain and have been thinking about consulting a spine specialist

And while you’re not expected to stand up for the full duration of your work hours, you can still do something positive for your back by not sitting all day.

Can Encourage Better Productivity

Can Encourage Better Productivity

A standing desk or a high monitor stand can help you concentrate better even after a full meal. Healthline reports how people who stand up after eating digested their food slightly faster than those who immediately sit back down again afterwards.

When you sit down right after a heavy lunch, your body will go into digestion mode and can cause lethargy for several hours.

This means that a work chair, no matter how ergonomically built to support one’s back and core, can still cause sleepy moments. 

Can Keep Health Issues At Bay

Can Keep Health Issues At Bay
Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

Poor circulation, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases are just some of the health conditions aggravated by sitting around too much.

They say sitting is the new smoking, so standing desks are supposed to be the healthier alternative to office chairs.

Being on your feet allows for greater movement and expression so it’s a good option during particularly stressful days. You can literally dance, shake, stomp the stress away, or even pace around the room to think.

You’ll also have a different perspective than when you’re chained to a traditional computer table. For one thing, your view of the room or outside the window might change (which is always welcome).