How to Survive in Singapore without a Job
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How to Survive in Singapore without a Job

If you’re wondering, yes, there are ways to live in Singapore without a job.

But it’s not going to be easy.

What to do when you are jobless in Singapore?

That’s why for today’s post, we’ll take a look at how to survive in Singapore without a job. We hope this becomes a helpful guide for you just in case.

1. Look for other income streams

Look for other income streams

Don’t wait until you’ve spent every last dollar in your savings account until you start looking for a way to augment your savings. Start looking and applying for passive income sources straightaway!

Even with all the massive layoffs, there are still many part-time jobs available in Singapore. They range from data entry to admin assistance work with enough salary to tide you over.

You can also try e-commerce and sell stuff on online shopping sites. With more and more Singaporeans preferring to shop over the Internet, you can fill in people’s food, clothing, or other merch needs from home. 

And if you have your own vehicle, you can consider delivery driver jobs, too. You and your car can become trusted couriers for food and parcels all over Singapore.

2. Start building an emergency budget

Start building an emergency budget

If you have a savings account that can keep you fed, sheltered, and clothed for at least six months, then you’re good for the time being. 

But in the same way that you’d set aside a budget for a wedding or other momentous occasion, it’s important to do the same if you don’t see yourself getting a job any time soon.

Start by computing your monthly expenses including rent, food supplies, bills, insurance premiums, and other regular payables. This way, you can focus on the necessities and trim off other expenses (which brings us to…).

3. Avoid luxuries and impulse buys for the time being

Avoid luxuries and impulse buys for the time being

If you’ve gotten into the habit of having pizza delivery every week, then it’s time to drop it for now. Recognise that you’ll need to cut back on luxuries and even certain conveniences like deliveries if you want to survive your unemployment phase.

So wear those running shoes you currently have before thinking of upgrading them. Use what you have at the moment, whether they’re appliances, furniture, clothes, or gadgets.

You can also start comparing prices if you haven’t yet. You can also use apps to get alerts for promos, discounts, and sales on grocery items and other necessities.

4. Consolidate all your debts

Consolidate all your debts

Before the debt collectors come knocking, it’s best to start consolidating all your debts ASAP. Doing this can help you pay off debt fast while giving you more time to focus on getting a new job.

You can start with the debts that have high interests, like your credit cards. Start paying those off first so you can keep the interest rate lower while maintaining good credit.

You can also look into debt consolidation plans if you have the time and savings for them.