Best Part-time Jobs in Singapore
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The Top 5 Sites for the Best Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Searching for other ways to earn extra income? We’re here to help you find all possible options as we give you the websites that list the best part time jobs in Singapore!

There are plenty of online job portals with countless listings hiring for part time workers. However, some of them are not quite reliable, and worse, you’ll only find that out after you’ve already tried them.

That’s why we’ve done inclusive research and listed the top sites that provide the best part time jobs in Singapore — all are verified and legit. See our list below:

1.  FastJobs Singapore

FastJobs Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR  Wide range of options

FastJobs Singapore offers a wide range of non-executive positions that are perfect for part timers! They have jobs for students and even those without any experience at all, so you can surely find the best part time jobs in Singapore here.

You just have to sign up, create a profile, then submit your resume to the job listings that you’d like to apply for. All job descriptions are fully detailed so you immediately know what to expect, including the scope of work and salary.


  • International job portal
  • No experience needed


2.  Part Time Jobs Singapore

Part Time Jobs Singapore's Homepage

BEST FOR  Accessible Locations

At Part Time Jobs, you can easily find the best part time jobs in Singapore by location. So if you’re living near the central, east, north, or west region, they have available job listings for you.

They’ve also partnered with some of the most well-known companies on the island, so rest assured that you’ll have a worthwhile experience, despite being a part timer. Their offered positions include telemarketer, receptionist, logistics assistant, office cleaner, and more.


  • Islandwide locations
  • Post free job ads


3.  Glints

Glints' Homepage

BEST FOR  Complete range of industries
ADDRESS 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #05-0 Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6681 6481

Glints is one of the leading job portals that offer internship, full-time, part time, and freelance work. When it comes to their best part time jobs in Singapore, they mostly have office-based work such as digital media specialist, sales and marketing executive, HR assistant, data analyst, and more.

They also have overseas part time jobs, so in case you’re currently living abroad, they have options for you. Countless companies have been relying on their platform to find the right person to hire so you can be sure that every job posting is legit.


  • Different industries
  • Overseas jobs


4.  Startup Jobs Asia

Startup Jobs Asia's Homepage

BEST FOR  Local and international companies

Startup Jobs Asia is another platform that you can use to find more part time jobs. The only difference is that most of the companies are startups. However, they offer good work experience and salaries, so you’ll certainly be compensated for your hard work.

Moreover, their portal is known for local and international employers, so you can have a broad range of options to choose from, giving you the best part time jobs in Singapore.


  • Whole range of job listings
  • International companies


5.  Freelancer Zone

Freelancer Zone's Homepage

BEST FOR  Part-time and freelancers

Freelancer Zone offers part time, full-time, temporary, and freelancers jobs so with this range, you’ll definitely have more options. They’ve been featured on several media outlets, proving that they truly offer the best part time jobs in Singapore.

For the employers, they have packages, making it more convenient to search for the right talent to hire.


  • Subscription package


Have you already found the best part time jobs in Singapore on one of these sites? If youhave, tell us all about it as we’d like to hear your story!

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