How to Set a Budget for a Wedding in Singapore
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How to Set a Budget for a Wedding in Singapore

Chances are you’re here because you know that weddings can be quite costly in Singapore. But if you’re not sure how much it costs, know that a couple spends about $30,000 to $50,000 for a wedding on the island.

But don’t fret, you don’t have to spend an astronomical amount just to achieve your dream wedding. In fact, we covered some tips to help you decide on how much you should spend on your big day, from catering to venues

Research Cost Estimates

Before establishing a budget, it’s important to first get an idea of how much you’ll actually spend first. To do that, start by making a list of things you’ll likely spend money on based on the type of wedding you and your partner would have. 

For instance, if you’re going for a grand wedding, then you’ll likely need to list down the essentials including hotels, make-up artists, photographers, videographers, catering, car rentals, and so forth.

It can be useful to have some wedding pegs in mind, such as the theme you’re going for. Knowing pieces of information like this can make your research process much easier since cost estimates will be tailored to your needs.

Let’s say you’re aiming for a rustic garden wedding. Note that garden venues have different costs from hotel venues.

Make a list of possible expenses that you’ll have to splurge on. You may easily find some cost estimates via the web or through social media. 

Sit Down With Your Partner

So now that you have your list of possible expenses, now it’s time to discuss it with your partner. If there are other people shouldering part of the costs like your parents, be sure to include them in the meeting as well.

It can be helpful to know who is contributing what to your wedding. For example, maybe your grandparents would like to help you get your dream wedding dress and a nice tailored suit for your fiancé.

Go through your list one by one and talk about how much you’re willing to spend for each item. Be sure to take into consideration your monthly income and savings when setting your budget. 

While you’re at it, you must also discuss your non-negotiables with your partner. Know which item (like photographer or catering) sits at the top of your priority list, and allocate a percentage of that from your budget.

Know Your Guest Count

It can be incredibly helpful to know how many guests are attending your wedding early on. If this isn’t possible yet, be sure to at least have an estimate on the number of guests.

This is important because the overall cost of venues and catering services pretty much relies on your guest count. Make sure to set a realistic budget per person beforehand, so you can narrow down your choice of suppliers later on. 

If you hire a wedding planner, they can also help you plan your budget. Otherwise, feel free to give the budget you established to the wedding planner so they can give you a list of suppliers that fit into your budget. 

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