Hair Loss Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

It’s believed that an average adult normally sheds about 100 strands of hair a day. But if you’re experiencing an unusual amount of hair fall daily, then that might be a sign of hair loss. 

In this quick guide, we identified the causes, symptoms, and solutions for hair loss to help you. Wanna know more? Let’s go!

What is hair loss?

Hair loss takes place when the cycle of hair growth gets disrupted. This can also occur when a hair follicle breaks, causing scar tissues. 

It can happen to anyone, but it’s more common among men due to a genetic trait that causes receding hairlines.

Cases vary so it’s still important to talk to your doctor first about the cause of your hair loss so they can find the most suitable treatment for you. 

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss is gradual and can appear in various ways depending on what’s causing it. 

On the contrary, hair loss can be characterised into non-scarring alopecia (temporary hair loss) and scarring alopecia (permanent hair loss). 

Typically, some causes of hair loss include the following:

  • Family history or heredity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications and supplements
  • Radiation therapy
  • A stressful or traumatic event
  • Excessive hair treatments

Family history or heredity happens because of ageing. This is called ‘androgenic alopecia’ or male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness.

Hormonal changes from pregnancy, menopause, and thyroid problems can also cause hair loss. The same goes for medical conditions like trichotillomania, also known as the “hair-pulling disorder.”

Medication intake also plays a big role in hair loss, from b-blockers to ibuprofen. Radiation from chemotherapy also causes thinning of the hair. 

For stressful events, hair loss will only last for several months and is temporary. On the contrary, excessive hair treatments from the salon or hair drying can cause hair to fall out as well. 

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

In mild cases, hair loss comes moderately with no signs of redness or inflammation. But for severe ones, it’s rapid and can cause discernible scarring on the scalp.

Some of the symptoms that you should keep an eye out are the following:

  • Sudden loosening of hair 
  • Circular bald spots 
  • Gradual thinning of hair (usually on top of head) 
  • Patches spread all over the scalp 
  • Full-body hair loss 

Once you exhibit one or two of these symptoms, it’s advisable to visit a healthcare professional. This is because basic hair care can’t easily treat it anymore.

What are the solutions for hair loss? 

Solutions and treatments may vary depending on the state of your hair loss. For others, they may only need hair loss shampoos or hair tonics, then it’s back to normal!

For some, it may require extensive procedures. You may be subjected to non-surgical hair replacements or hair transplant by your doctor as well. 

Another solution is an over-the-counter topical treatment containing Minoxidil. When applied to the affected area, it helps the hair follicles stimulate hair growth and reduce balding. 

In addition, here are some prevention tips that you can follow:

  • Avoid using oily hair products (can cause folliculitis)
  • Avoid tight pulling hairstyle (can cause traction alopecia)
  • Avoid high-temperature hair tools and harsh treatments 
  • Ask your doctor about hair vitamins that you can take
  • Stop smoking (nicotine in cigarettes can cause acidic scalp)
  • If undergoing chemotherapy, request for a cooling cap to minimise hair loss during the procedure

While it’s not hundred percent guaranteed, doing these preventive measures can still lessen the process of hair loss. 

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