7 Specialists For The Best Hair Transplant In Singapore


By Jasmine Wee

Is your hair thinning a little too fast for your liking? Fortunately for you, the specialist clinics offering the best hair transplant in Singapore can address that!

A hair transplant specialist can take your scalp back to the glory days of your youth, when you had a full head of hair (and probably took it for granted, as many of us do!). The procedure involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of your body to another part — usually your head.

While this is a minimally invasive operation, things can still go wrong during it. The follicle harvesting may be unsuccessful, for example, and the same may go for the graft.

For best results, you shouldn’t settle for any but the best if you decide to get this. That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up the top clinics that can do a hair transplant in Singapore.

(Note: This list is in no particular order.)

1. The Clifford Clinic

The Clifford Clinic's Equipment
*Photo from Clifford Clinic’s website
BEST FOR    Aesthetic Medicine
WEBSITE https://www.singaporeaestheticpractice.com/hair-transplant
ADDRESS 24 Raffles Place, Clifford Centre #01-03, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 3129 2550
OPERATING HOURS Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 5pm
Sun: Closed
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

The Clifford Clinic has modern technology that returns your hair into its full glory. For best results, they mix traditional methods with the latest techniques to give you a full head of hair.

Plus, Clifford extends its care through recommended hair loss remedies. While their hair transplant restores your mane completely, they suggest cures for hair loss too to combat the waste of precious strands.


  • Hair transplant
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Laser hair treatment

2. Follicle Singapore

Follicle Singapore's Clinic
*Photo from Follicle Singapore’s website
BEST FOR    Mesotherapy Scalp Treatment
WEBSITE https://www.follicle.com.sg/
ADDRESS 391 Orchard Road, Tower B #08-03, Ngee Ann City, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 6235 8088
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Sat 10:30-8pm
Sun & PH 10:30-5pm

Follicle Singapore does not only regrow your hair. They also give nuggets of knowledge about hair loss and hair care to you so you can give more love to your strands.

Besides their hair transplant technology, Follicle Singapore uses treatments developed by their doctors plus the finest ingredients for effective hair regrowth.


  • Hair transplant
  • Hair diagnosis
  • Hair oxygen treatment 

3. Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
*Photo from Myguidesingapore.com
BEST FOR    Hair Transplant
WEBSITE https://aestheticsandhairclinic.com/
ADDRESS 391B Orchard Road, Towe r B #08-04, Ngee Ann City, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | tel:+65 6235 0010
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday:9am – 6pm
Saturday:9am – 1pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

For Dr. Tyng Tan, founder of the Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, beauty is a blend of external and internal aesthetics. To achieve beautiful hair, the clinic practices techniques that benefit the inner and outer health of customers for healthy hair.

Believing hair loss to be devastating, Dr. Tan strives to preserve hair and battles ageing through efficient treatment and advanced hair transplant. Basically, the clinic restores and grows your mane.


  • Hair transplant
  • Laser therapy
  • Hair loss treatment

4. Dr. Eileen Tan Skin, Laser & Hair Transplant 

Dr. Eileen Tan Skin, Laser & Hair Transplant Clinic
*Photo from Dr. Eileen Tan’s website
BEST FOR    Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology
WEBSITE http://www.eileentanskin.com/
ADDRESS 38 Irrawaddy Road, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital #05-08, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS +65 62238898 | http://www.eileentanskin.com/contact-us
OPERATING HOURS 8:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday)
9:00am to 12:30pm (Saturday)
Sunday & Public Holiday (Closed)

Dr. Eileen Tan’s clinic provides cosmetic and medical dermatology focusing on hair and skin care.

In addition to having a full head of growing hair, their hair transplant guarantees your strands will thrive from the roots. More so, it will grow at a specific angle and pattern that makes the hair uniquely your own.


  • Hair transplant
  • Laser therapy
  • Body contouring 

5. Alaxis Aesthetics

Alaxis Aesthetics' Logo
*Photo from Alaxis Aesthetics’ website
BEST FOR    Medical and Aesthetic Surgery
WEBSITE https://alaxis.com.sg/
ADDRESS 360 Orchard Rd, #04-05 International Building, Singapore 238869
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | +65 6235 0880 | +65 6235 1181

Alaxis Aesthetics provides quality cosmetic medical and surgical services, both non-invasive and invasive treatments for face, skin, body and hair, dedicated to shape and define your life.

They have a real enthusiasm for each and every patient. As part of a network of doctors locally and regionally, they are committed to sharing experience and expertise to improve our level of care and results. This means providing clear explanations on all possible treatments.


  • Hair Transplant (FUE)

6. Terra Medical Clinic

Terra Medical Clinic's Front Desk
*Photo from Terra Medical Clinic’s Facebook page
BEST FOR    Hair Transplant
WEBSITE https://terramedical.sg/
ADDRESS 9 Scotts Road, Scotts Medical Centre #11-03, Pacific Plaza, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | tel:+6569090927

Terra Medical Clinic seeks to wipe the stigma of loving your hair with their motto, “It’s not vanity. It’s hair care.”

The Latin word for “earth,” Terra treats and nourishes the hair and the mind with their hair growth technology and expert care.

Advocating balanced wellness, they see the hair — like the earth — as the vessel of sustainability rooted with life. Thus, there is abundance of care they can offer for your precious strands.


  • Hair transplant
  • Laser therapy
  • Scalp boosting

7. Freia Medical

Freia Medical's Front Desk
*Photo from Freia Medical’s website
BEST FOR    Hair Transplant and Aesthetic
WEBSITE https://freia.sg/
ADDRESS 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria Office Tower #19-03, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS tel:+6582230609 | https://freia.sg/contact-us/
OPERATING HOURS Monday:  9am – 7pm
Tuesday:  9am – 9pm
Wednesday:  9am – 7pm
Thursday:  9am – 7pm
Friday:  9am – 9pm
Saturday:  10am – 3pm
Sun & Public Holidays:  Closed

Named after the Norse God of Love and Beauty, Freia Medical cares for the hair and preserves its beauty. Using scientifically tested technology, their services emphasise hair restoration and pampering.

Freia Medical strives to provide the best treatment for customers by staying abreast of developments in their field. Priding themselves on professionalism, they guarantee that your scalp is in safe hands with them.


  • Hair transplant
  • Laser therapy
  • Skin lifting


And with that, we have our list of specialists offering the best hair transplants in Singapore. These are your best bets for regaining the full, flowing mane of your youth!

If you do go to one of these clinics, let us know how your hair transplant went. We love to hear from consumers about their concrete experiences, because it adds to our information about these places.

If you’re interested in further “cosmetic upgrades”, by the way, you may want to check out our other lists on the topic. For instance, we have a list of where to get the best braces in Singapore as well as the places with the best facials in Singapore.

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