How much does gastroscopy cost in SG
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How much does gastroscopy cost in SG?

Stomach aches can be unbearable. And if you’ve been having one lately, then you should get it checked right away. 

Your doctor might require you to undergo gastroscopy to know the underlying reason for the pain. If you have no idea how such a procedure works, you don’t need to worry because we came up with this guide discussing the average cost of gastroscopy in Singapore. 

What is gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is a procedure that focuses on examining the lining of the oesophagus (food pipe), stomach, and small intestine. This is also known as upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy.  

In this procedure, a flexibly long tube called gastroscope is inserted through the mouth and is carefully pushed down the oesophagus towards the stomach and small intestine. 

In fact, this procedure is used as a routine to screen people who have a medical history of polyps and ulcers. It’s a way to screen stomach cancer and other abnormal findings too. 

Additionally, one thing that you should also consider about this procedure is its price. Gastroscopy can cost as little as $300 and can go as high as $7,000, depending on several factors like your choice of doctor and medical centre. 

Why do you need to get a gastroscopy?

Often, people dismiss the discomfort they feel in their stomach. But if bloating and cramps become extra painful, that might be a sign of something serious. 

Your gastroenterologist may recommend gastroscopy if you continue to experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and upper abdominal pain for days.

Although gastroscopy is only a 15-minute procedure, there are still small risks to consider. That includes a burning sensation on the injected site, breathing difficulties, and your reaction to the sedation. 

Despite that, this procedure provides a high success rate. According to a study, it has 98.8% accuracy and reliability. 

Average Cost of Gastroscopy Services in Singapore Based on the Ministry of Health (MOH)

According to the MOH, the cost of receiving gastroscopy depends on your chosen healthcare centre and medical facility illustrated in the table below:

Type of ServicePublic Hospitals / Centres (Subsidised)Public Hospitals / Centres(Unsubsidised)Private Hospitals / Clinics
Gastroscopy (day-surgery)$342$1,064$2,139
Gastroscopy (in-patient)$1,387 (Ward C) $1,655 (Ward B2)$3,544 (Ward B1) $4,193 (Ward A)$7,363
Operation fee$87 (Ward C) $153 (Ward B2) $153 (day-surgery)$417 (Ward B1) $497 (Ward A) $575 (day-surgery)$1,848 (in-patient) $1,463 (day-surgery) $1,850 (clinics)
Other fees$1,291 (Ward C) $1,487 (Ward B2) $186 (day-surgery)$3,087 (Ward B1) $3,517 (Ward A) $505 (day-surgery)$5,575 (in-patient) $635 (day-surgery) $732 (clinics)

One major factor that affects cost is whether you opt for in-patient or out-patient (day-surgery) surgery.

Also, it’s estimated that the surgeon fee ranges from $600 to $1,000. On one hand, the anaesthetist fee ranges from $500 to $750. 

Notably, for Singaporean citizens, you can use MediSave, MediShield, and Integrated Shield Plans for this procedure. 

That means, you’ll be eligible to use other health insurance plans such as AIA, AXA, Aviva, Raffles, and Great Eastern to help lessen expenses.

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