How much do veneers cost in Singapore
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How much do veneers cost in Singapore?

Tired of your crooked teeth? Maybe it’s time for you to finally have that perfect smile by considering veneers!

So how will you avail of one? How much does the procedure cost? To answer your questions, we listed the estimated cost of veneers right here in Singapore. 

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are part of cosmetic dentistry, which involves a process that gives you instantly perfect straight teeth. As a matter of fact, veneers are thin shells encased around the teeth.

Veneers are used to fill-in gaps, cover discoloration, and get rid of crooked teeth. Each tooth is tailored specifically for you, which means that it’s customised straight to its shape and size.

Generally, you need to choose the best dentist for this procedure to be worthwhile. If it’s skillfully done, your veneers will last for a decade and more.

That said, it’s also an irreversible procedure that you really need to think about before deciding to get one.

Estimated Market Price for Types of Dental Veneers in Singapore

Getting dental veneers is not necessarily a medical service. But for those who have misaligned teeth or want to have that perfect smile, this procedure can be a good solution. 

In order to ensure the quality of your veneers, you should choose the material most suitable for you. This is because the type of dental veneers you pick will determine their longevity.

Your choice of material depends on your tooth condition, budget, and aesthetic preferences, so it’s better to know the types and corresponding prices beforehand.

Types of Dental VeneersEstimated Price Per Tooth
Porcelain veneers$900 - $2,600
Composite Resin veneers$150 - $350
Indirect Composite veneers$200 - $1,600

Porcelain veneers are known to last for 10 to 15 years. They’re highly resistant to staining and are much more realistic looking. 

Aside from that, these veneers are also less invasive compared to dental crowns, but are more expensive than most other materials. 

Meanwhile, composite resin veneers are made up from tooth coloured resin and are much cheaper compared to porcelain. However, they’re prone to chipping and can only last for 4 to 8 years. 

Additionally, there are the indirect composite veneers, which are also produced from composite fillings. But here’s the catch: this material is laboratory-made and is slightly stronger and costs as much as porcelain, lasting for 5 to 7 years. 

A Price Comparison of Veneers Offered by Private Dental Clinics in Singapore

The cost of veneers is never cheap as it ranges from $200 to $2,000, and sometimes even more. The main reason is that you’re not only paying for the service, but also for your choice of material. 

There are a lot of factors to consider here, including the number of teeth you need covered and the dentist’s expertise and skill. Also, keep in mind that getting one or two veneers is still way less expensive than getting veneers for your whole mouth. 

On top of it, getting veneers in Singapore isn’t covered by MediSave. 

Since the treatment falls under cosmetic procedures, some of the only eligible procedures covered by MediSave are dental implants and wisdom tooth surgery

In other words, you need to save and pay for it yourself. 

To give you an idea how much veneers cost, you can check this price comparison from several private dental clinics offering the service:

Private Dental ClinicsPrice range per tooth
NoFrills Dental$600 - $1,300
i.Dental$267.50 - $2,140
Dentaleh$150 - $2,600
The Dentist@Orchard$200 - $1,300
Pure NZ Dental$500 - $1,100
Aesthetic & Dental Surgery$300 - $1,000
Nuffield Dental$600 - $1,500
Newport Dental$250 - $850

Looks pricey at first. So why bother getting veneers? 

Well, they say that getting dental veneers is still the easiest and quickest way to achieve that picture-perfect smile. And the good thing is, you only have to spend once and all in one go!

So instead of having braces on for months and years or spending a lot of money on teeth whitening procedures, why don’t you consider getting veneers as an alternative? 

That way, you can get every aspect of your teeth fixed in an instant-—including the colour, size, shape, and even alignment of your teeth.

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