How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost in Singapore

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost in Singapore?

Nothing’s worse than the stinging and numbing pain of an erupting wisdom tooth. So getting it removed in its early stage is much better than suffering from unbearable discomfort everyday. 

To help you get a headstart, we listed the estimated cost of wisdom tooth extraction here in Singapore.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are third molars that grow at the back of your jaw. They usually appear between the ages of 17 to 25. Once they start growing, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel some pain, depending on your pain tolerance. 

The most common symptoms of wisdom teeth growth are irritation in the gums, redness, small white pecks, and aching sensations. 

Why should you get your wisdom teeth extracted? 

Once you start feeling any pain, that’s already an indication that you need to get your wisdom tooth removed. To prevent further dental problems in the future, be sure to have this procedure done immediately. 

Several issues may arise if you delay the procedure, which includes gum inflammation and even abscess formation. So, you need to visit your nearest dental clinic to schedule the extraction right away.

What are the types of wisdom tooth removal methods?

Getting your wisdom tooth removed is not the same as getting braces, an Invisalign, or even having tooth implants. It’s definitely way more complex and even more painful than that!

There are two types of wisdom tooth removal methods: simple extraction and surgical extraction.

For simple extraction, the procedure is performed when the tooth is fully erupted or visible. 

The dentist applies a numbing cream or a local anaesthesthetic to make the process pain-free. Once it’s numb, the dentist can easily remove the tooth.

Meanwhile, surgical extraction is more complicated, and in many cases much more expensive. 

To do this type of procedure, the tooth should be impacted or under the gums. During this process, the dentist will do a gum incision, which is followed by bone removal and tooth division. 

Furthermore, the dentist will also apply a local anaesthesia for numbing. In some cases, you may be unconscious during the whole treatment.

Average Fee for Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Public Institutions

Provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the table below shows average fees paid by patients in different public institutions. Take note that the amount listed below are non-subsidised fees.

If you wish to know more information about other available procedures in these institutions, you can check them out directly. We have the links for you right above!

Estimated Pricing for Wisdom Tooth Services in Private Clinics

On the other hand, expect prices to be a bit higher in private clinics. Here’s a table detailing some estimates for wisdom tooth removal services in private clinics.

Type of ServiceEstimated Prices
Consultation$20 - $50
Dental X-ray$ 70 - $120
Wisdom Tooth Extraction$100 - $300
Wisdom Tooth Surgery$650 - $1,550 (usually around $1,250)

Keep in mind that the total cost will still depend on the clinic of your choice, as well as the severity of your case. Hence, it’s better to expect extra charges for other services involved too.

Can you use Medisave for wisdom tooth removal?

Medisave is a national medical savings scheme in Singapore. It helps Singaporeans set aside a certain percentage of their income for future healthcare needs.

One great thing about Medisave is that it doesn’t only cover hospitalisation, but it can also be used for your dental needs! However, keep in mind that Medisave can only pay for surgical procedures, such as wisdom tooth surgery.

In other words, simple extractions aren’t covered by Medisave. 

Also, once you’ve decided to undergo wisdom tooth surgery, you can opt to pay half of the amount or its partial cost via Medisave claims. However, the claimable amount still depends on how many teeth will be removed. 

Wisdom Tooth ConsultationWisdom Tooth ExtractionWisdom Tooth Surgery
Without Medisave


$20 -$50

Dental X-ray:

$70 - $120

$100 - $300$650 - $1,550 (Usually can be covered by Medisave up tp $1,250 for basic cases)
With MedisaveN.A.N.A.$0 after Medisave claim for basic cases

At the end of the day, it’s still a good investment to have any sort of health insurance. Not only will it be of use in the future, but it can also stabilise your finances when you encounter medical emergencies. 

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