How much does dialysis cost in Singapore
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How much does dialysis cost in Singapore?

Kidney problems can be a life and death situation. So if you’ve noticed an unbearable pain on your sides or back, that could be the sign you need to seek medical help immediately. 

To give you a head start, we listed the cost of dialysis in Singapore. If you’re ready, then let’s start! 

What is dialysis?

Once you’re diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and it reaches stage 5, your kidneys will no longer function well. Your kidneys will have difficulty cleaning your blood, which can leave life-threatening waste that can poison the body. 

Dialysis treatment can help you by essentially taking over the kidney’s job. It keeps the body fully functional by filtering wastes and other unnecessary fluids that build up, prolonging life. 

Generally, dialysis doesn’t immediately cure kidney problems but rather, it only helps it function. The most effective way to cure kidney diseases and to stop undergoing dialysis is still a kidney transplant. 

What are the different types of dialysis?

Dialysis can be done in a hospital and even at the comfort of your home. It’s up to you and your doctor to decide which option is best for your medical needs. 

There are two types of dialysis treatments: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis, there’s an artificial kidney called hemodialyzer that removes waste and extra chemical fluids from the blood. 

For this process to work, your doctor needs to make an access to your blood vessels through a minor surgery on your arm. Usually, there are three hemodialysis sessions conducted every week. 

When it comes to peritoneal dialysis, the blood is cleansed inside the body. This process works by placing a catheter into the abdomen or belly for access.

In this treatment, the peritoneal cavity is filled with dialysate (dialysis fluid) through the catheter. This allows extra fluid and waste products to be washed out of your blood. 

Is there financial help for dialysis patients?

Dialysis is a life changing procedure but it doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately in Singapore, there are several funding options available for dialysis patients, making the procedure accessible to those who need it. 

Some of these include the following: 

  • MediSave Scheme
  • MediShield Scheme
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) Subsidy
  • Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO)
  • Private Medical Insurance

Under the MediSave Scheme, Singaporeans and permanent residents can use up to $450 per month for the procedure. For the MediShield Scheme, patients can withdraw up to $1,000 per month for the procedure. 

Additionally, the MOH provides subsidies to eligible Singaporeans and permanent residents via a household means test. The same goes for VWOs where a financial assessment will be conducted to check the patient’s financial status.

Meanwhile, the coverage of private medical insurance for dialysis patients will depend on the terms of the insurance policy.

What’s the estimated cost of dialysis in Singapore?

In Singapore, the cost of dialysis services ranges from $2,500 to $4,500 per month. It still depends on whether the dialysis centre is run by private companies or the VWO. 

Other welfare and non-profit organisations offer full dialysis from $1,690 per month. For private centres, hemodialysis treatment starts at $2,500.

Essentially, funding plays a big role to continue this ongoing treatment. For patients who are under the lower income bracket, they can receive financial assistance in the form of subsidies. 

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