A Quick Guide to a Dentist’s Salary in Singapore
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A Quick Guide to a Dentist’s Salary in Singapore

General dentistry is an in-demand job, especially in countries like Singapore. Not only are dentists respectable, but they’re also highly paid and well-compensated. 

So if you’re thinking about pursuing this profession, then read on! In this quick guide, we’ll talk about the average salary of dentists in Singapore. 

What do dentists do?

Dentists are trained professionals specialising in the maintenance of oral health. They can diagnose and treat gums, teeth, and mouth problems of patients. 

Also, they offer services such as wisdom tooth extractions, braces, dental crowns, and more. At the same time, dentists can also treat dental diseases during its earliest stages. 

Your dentist will also recommend what toothbrush, toothpaste, and even mouthwash to use if needed. However, those daily routines are not enough, and that’s where dentists come in.

Aside from the usual good oral hygiene routines, it’s advisable to have regular dental examinations to prevent future dental diseases. Dentists see to those examinations as well as any treatments that may be determined necessary to address issues detected.

How many hours does a dentist work in Singapore?

A dentist can work full-time during a regular business week ranging from 35 to 40 hours a week. However, there are also 24 hours dental clinics that provide emergency services. 

In addition, a dentist’s work hours will also depend on whether they want to work at established practices or at their own clinics. In the case of the latter, dentists have the flexibility to determine their work hours.

For example, a dental clinic in Woodlands can open from 9 AM to 9 PM. A dentist can work a full 12-hour shift here while making sure that they can do 8 to 12 sessions weekly. 

A dentist in Singapore approximately earns $100 per hour. This means that if a dentist works an average of 8 hours a day, they can earn an estimated $800 a day.

The Average Salary of Dentists in Singapore

Dentists in Singapore typically earn $18,200 monthly. In a year, the estimated salary of a dentist can go as high as $200,000 or more. 

On top of their monthly salary, dentists also enjoy benefits such as low tax rates, transport, and housing. 

A dentist’s chosen healthcare institution will directly affect their pay as well. 

Based on a salary survey, dentists who work in the government or public sector earn 5% more than the private sector. 

The comparison is evident with private hospitals or clinics offering an estimated $8,270 monthly, while public hospitals offer $8,670 on average. 

A Comparison of Dentists Salary by Years of Experience

Depending on a dentist’s level of experience, salaries can range from $8,900 to $28,300 per month. Basically, more experience means higher pay, as detailed in the table below.

Years of ExperienceIncreased Salary PercentageAverage Monthly Salary
0 - 2 years0%$10,500
2 - 5 years0.29$13,600
5 - 10 years0.38$18,700
10 - 15 years0.24$23,200
15 - 20 years0.07$24,800
20+ years0.07$26,500

On average, a dentist’s salary starts to double by the time that they reach the 10-year experience mark. Senior dentists can also enjoy more benefits as well.

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