Basic Ear Health Care

Basic Ear Health Care You Can Do at Home

Our ears exist to listen to favourite songs, hear the laughter of family and friends, and to alert us of potentially dangerous situations. That’s why ENT specialists take extra care in providing patients with professional advice on how to keep them healthy and protected.

Luckily, there are simple ways you can do this in your everyday life, too. 

Hopefully, this post on basic ear health care can provide useful tips on the care and maintenance of your ears.

Keep headphone volumes at a normal level.

Keep headphone volumes at a normal level

Are you a gamer with a gaming headset slapped to your ears all the time? Or a tech geek with the latest wireless earphones or earbuds always plugged in everywhere you go?

Headphones and earphones have been around long enough to make listening and communicating with distant people a breeze for everyone. But a skilled audiologist will tell you that if you keep the volume way up, you could be ruining your hearing and paving the way for significant hearing loss. 

So don’t wait until you experience tinnitus or hearing loss before turning down the volume on the device you’re using with your earphones.

Don’t use cotton swabs to clean your ears.

Don’t use cotton swabs to clean your ears

There’s a reason why professional ear wax removal services in Singapore exist. It’s because there are right and wrong ways to clean your ears regardless of what you’ve gotten used to doing!

In a similar manner that you’d have dedicated facial cleansers to keep your face fresh, you’ll also need gentle cleansers to keep your ears free of dirt. And no, cotton swabs aren’t part of the setup!

Q-tips and cotton swabs can push the wax deeper into your ears and even damage the ear canal if you handle them too roughly. A gentler and safer alternative would be to use a damp towel to clean around the ear area.

Keep calm. 

Keep calm

Yes, stress and anxiety can make your ears ring literally. Tinnitus is often a symptom of difficulty in concentration and a stressful environment.

In turn, it can lead to hearing loss or depression. And all because you don’t know how to keep calm!

Try meditation sessions and yoga classes to find your centre and help you keep the stress at bay. But if you suspect that your worries and unease have a much deeper source, try hypnotherapy and see what the results reveal.

Use earplugs in case of loud noises.

Use earplugs in case of loud noises

The ideal hearing situation at any time and any place don’t involve loud noises, music, or voices. That’s why calming apps exist and are so popular.

But if it can’t be helped and you have to get through a loud situation, bust out your earplugs or noise cancelling headphones and keep on with your day.

We can’t always help if our senses get assaulted by outside factors. However, in the same way that you can use a sleep mask to block out the light at night, there are useful tools for you to block out excessive noise, as well.