Singapore vs Taiwan How Do They Compare
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Singapore vs Taiwan: How Do They Compare?

Thinking of travelling to either Singapore or Taiwan but can’t decide between the two? 

We’re here to compare some important points to help you out before getting tickets from your favourite travel agency.

Beyond offering some of the best Chinese food you’ll ever taste, let’s take a look at what makes them different from each other.

Taiwan is 50 times bigger than Singapore

Taiwan is 50 times bigger than Singapore

Taiwan is nearly 5,000% bigger than Singapore with a total land area of around 35,980 square kilometres. In stark contrast, Singapore only has 719 square kilometres (smaller than New York City, which is 778.2 sq km!).

Taiwan also boasts of having 1,566 kilometres of coastline compared to Singapore’s meagre 193 kilometres.

But beyond wondering why Singapore is so small, it’s good to also look at how its public infrastructure and overall development have transformed it into a formidable metropolis.

For starters, the government works to address the homeless situation in Singapore with efficient housing and development projects. 

Homelessness in China is more alarming with nearly 2.6 million without proper shelter, even with a highly regulated housing system in place.

Singapore’s GDP per capita is higher

Singapore’s GDP per capita is higher

Singapore versus China’s GDP is bigger, with a sharp discrepancy per capita. 

And even though Taiwan is ranked as the 21st largest economy in the world compared to Singapore being 36th, the latter still has a higher GDP per capita at $106,969. Taiwan’s GDP per capita is around $71,244.

Because the country outranks many others in terms of GDP per capita, many think it’s one of the reasons why Singaporeans are so rich

But it’s always good to remember that Singaporeans have CPF retirement obligations that place special emphasis on their future, too. When it comes to making money, Singapore always has an eye on the bigger picture.

Taiwan has more unemployed adults

Taiwan has more unemployed adults

Can you survive in Singapore without a job? What about in Taiwan?

In 2017, 3.8% of adults in Taiwan were unemployed. During that time, there were 2.2% of jobless adults in Singapore.

But because the cost of living is twice as high in Singapore compared to Taiwan, Singaporeans without a job might feel the economic crunch more. For starters, those living in Taiwan pay 1.4% less for groceries than those in Singapore.

Luckily, there are plenty of employment agencies in Singapore to see if any job vacancies are available that suit a candidate’s experience and skills.

Childcare is two times more expensive in Singapore

Childcare is two times more expensive in Singapore

When we created our ultimate pregnancy guide in Singapore, we took care to include practically all the medical and post-natal factors we can think of. This includes childcare that involves confinement nanny or night nurse options.

But did you know that you’ll need to pay two times more for childcare in Singapore compared to Taiwan? 

Aside from the expenses of taking obstetrician-recommended tests and giving birth, the cost of baby essentials can quickly add up in Singapore. Babyproofing your vehicle with infant car seats and choosing among baby carriers can prove to be costly, too.

Then there are the preschool considerations. Taiwan’s average monthly preschool fee for one child is around $481.16, while it’s around $929.03 in Singapore!