Confinement Nanny vs Night Nurse What Is Right for You
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Confinement Nanny vs Night Nurse: What Is Right for You?

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Now, are you ready for sleepless nights, or at least replacing Netflix and chill with constant glances at your baby monitor?

Consider today’s post as a helpful baby care guide when choosing between a confinement nanny and a night nurse. Which one is right for you, and what’s the difference between them?

What’s the difference between the two?

What’s the difference between the two

Because infants and babies don’t have an established pattern of sleep yet, either a confinement nanny or a night nurse can help new parents care for their newborns.

And though their jobs are hyperfocused on an infant and a new mom’s needs, a confinement nanny can be found in some of the top maid agencies of Singapore.

The main difference between the two is like choosing between full-time maids and part-time maids.

A confinement nanny is someone who typically stays to help until the new parents get the hang of parenting, while a night nurse usually just stays overnight to take care of the newborn.

So you can expect a confinement nanny to stay with the baby 24/7 until a good sleeping pattern is established as opposed to a night nurse who will usually be with your infant from 8 PM to 8 AM (or somewhere thereabouts).

How much do they charge?

How much do they charge

A night nurse typically charges around S$20 per hour with availability anywhere between five to seven days a week. Other popular shifts include 8 PM to 8 AM, 7 PM to 7 AM, 9 PM to 7 AM, and 10 PM to 8 AM.

Some former paediatrician nurses could perform as night nurses, though you could expect their rates to be higher. But most night nurses are typically mothers and babysitters with sufficient experience with newborns.

As for confinement nannies, the rates could vary monthly with the range between S$2,500 and S$4,500. But since they do much more than ensure that your infant sleeps well through the night, they do represent more value for your money.

And as we stated in our ultimate pregnancy guide, having someone help you with motherly duties allows you to get more rest.

What kind of expertise do they have?

What kind of expertise do they have

Confinement nannies are also known as Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), so you can expect them to know everything from operating baby gates and infant car seats to knowing the best baby milk powder for your infant.

Although they aren’t expected to do household chores, their hands will be full in caring for both your newborn and yourself as a new mom (or dad).

They’ll be changing diapers, burping, feeding, comforting, sterilising bottles and baby accessories, and generally being there for both baby and parents/guardians.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much space or are big on privacy, a night nurse could be your best option. Though they typically don’t have certification in newborn care, they’re expected to have sufficient hands-on experience with newborns.

How long can they stay with my child?

How long can they stay with my child

Night nurses, as their name implies, are expected to stay overnight to watch over your baby. They’re usually hired on a shorter term compared to confinement nannies who are also counted on to impart knowledge to new parents.

A confinement nanny can act as a baby care assistant for a new mom since they’re expected to stay a month or until the mom recovers from giving birth. They can also take care of newborn-related duties until the new parents get the hang of them.

With this in mind, you may want to invest in a co-sleeper for your confinement nanny. This can help them establish good sleeping and feeding habits for your infant.