Best Baby Milk Powder in Singapore
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Where to Find the Best Baby Milk Powder in Singapore

Every newborn baby only deserves the best baby milk powder in Singapore to help them become stronger growing up. It’s a good thing that there are a handful of stores that sell milk powder for babies of all ages.

If you’re still looking for the store that sells the best baby milk powder in Singapore, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you out with our list of stores that sell the best milk powder in Singapore.

Check them out one by one to see which store is closest to your area.

1.  Kendamil

Kendamil's Homepage

BEST FOR  Full Cream Infant Formula
PRODUCTS Baby Milk Powder, Cereals, and Porridge
ADDRESS 33 Tuas Basin Link, Singapore 638768
CONTACT DETAILS +65 3159 3222

If you’re looking for a baby milk powder made from full cream milk, then look no further than Kendamil. All of its milk powder products are sourced from local farms in Northern England — which is why we consider them among the best baby milk powder in Singapore.

On top of this, Kendamil’s products contain high levels of Omega-3 — since they’re derived from grass — which decreases the chances of your baby having eczema and asthma. If you want your child to grow up healthy, then consider getting your hands on this baby milk powder.

Kendamil’s milk products are suited for infants, small kids, and even adults who need meal replacements.


  • Grass-derived
  • Rich in Omega-3
  • Manufactured to highest standards


2.  Aptamil

Aptamil's Homepage

BEST FOR  Immunity Support
PRODUCTS Baby Milk Powder, and Growing Up Powder
ADDRESS 1 Wallich St, #18-01 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078881

Considered one of the best baby milk powder in Singapore, Aptamil provides babies with brain development support and immunity support, helping them grow up smart and healthy. It’s also one of the most trusted milk brands by mothers across the island, so rest assured that you won’t regret it.

Aptamil has milk products for natural babies, babies, and those with moderate to severe allergies to cow milk. All of its products are formulated to cater to the varying needs of different types of babies.

Since Aptamil cares so much for its clients, it has opened up a customer service hotline through which mothers can talk to midwives and nutritionists about how to better feed babies. See why it’s no surprise that it made this list?


  • Different types of babies
  • Highest DHA
  • Unique prebiotic blend


3.  Mamahood

Mamahood's Homepage

BEST FOR  Baby Products
PRODUCTS Baby Milk Powder, Toddler Formula, Cereal and Puffs, Milk Boosters, and Mummy Supplements
ADDRESS 151 Chin Swee Road, 07-12 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
CONTACT DETAILS +65 3159 1211 | [email protected]

If you’re looking for a store that sells a bunch of products that your baby needs, then Mamahood comes highly recommended. Some of the products sold on its website are baby milk powder, toddler formula, milk boosters, and even cereals and puffs.

On top of these, it also sells products such as cribs, blankets, clothes, baby wipes, disposable diapers, and a whole lot more. It’s indeed a one-stop shop for your baby’s needs.

Mamahood also offers parenting tips and breastfeeding guides on its website. So, if you ever need help in any of these areas, don’t hesitate to check out its website.


  • Branded baby powders
  • Multiple payment options
  • Fast delivery
  • Online Parenting tips


4.  Friso

Friso's Homepage

BEST FOR  Pregnant and Babies
PRODUCTS Baby Milk Powder
ADDRESS (Post) 80 Anson Road, #26-02 Fuji Xerox Towers, Singapore 079907
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6419 8484 | [email protected]

With over 140 years of experience, Friso knows the needs of babies and pregnant women — which is why we’ve named it one of the best baby milk powder in Singapore. All of its milk products came from purebred cows that were protected and taken care of to ensure high-quality milk.

What’s more, Friso has sought help from scientists on how to preserve its milk until it reaches the homes of their millions of customers. You can be assured that what you’re feeding your baby is safe, nutritious milk that will help them grow stronger and smarter.

Besides milk powder for babies, Friso has also developed milk products for toddlers and pregnant women.


5.  Wyeth

Wyeth's Homepage

BEST FOR  Pregnant and Babies
PRODUCTS Baby Milk Powder and Milk for Pregnant Women
ADDRESS (Post) 1 Tuas South Ave 4, Singapore 637609
CONTACT DETAILS 1-800-688-6886

It’s no secret that Wyeth is one of the best baby milk powder in Singapore thanks to the countless benefits it provides to babies and toddlers. Some of the vitamins found in its milk formula are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and a whole lot more.

Wyeth isn’t only famous in Singapore, of course. It’s also one of the most trusted baby milk powder manufacturers in neighbouring countries, so rest assured that your baby is in safe hands with it.

Lastly, Wyeth also has milk formula for pregnant women, and for toddlers of more than 5 years of age.


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Variety of milk powders
  • Online parenting tips


6.  Einmilk

Einmilk's Homepage

BEST FOR  Formula Milk Powders
PRODUCTS Einmilk Stage 1 Infant Formula, Einmilk Stage 2 Follow up Formula, Einmilk Stage 3 Growing up Formula, GAIA Baby Moisturizer, GAIA Baby Shampoo, GAIA Baby Skin Soothing Cream, GAIA Bath & Body Wash, GAIA Hair & Body Wash, Zappy Baby Pure 80s Wipes (Unscented), Yurica Anti-Bacteria Ceramic Scissors
ADDRESS (Post) 40 Jln Pemimpin, #02-06 S577185 Tat Ann Building, Singapore 577185
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6591 8729 or [email protected]

In 2014, two Singaporean fathers acted upon their vision and began exploring possible solutions to overcome obvious problems about infant milk powders. With the aim to produce infant milk powders that are made of the finest and most genuine ingredients in the region, they’ve created Einmilk.

At Einmilk, they pride themselves on endorsing wholesome and balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers, by producing formula milk powders with the best ingredients in the region. Despite their high quality products, they still offer Einmilk for an affordable price.

Einmilk is developed with cutting-edge technology, under the strictest quality controls. They took every little detail into consideration during the stage of product development, where they ensure that the highest level of hygiene and food safety is practiced across all of their production factories.


  • Best and Most Genuine Ingredients
  • Highest Level of Hygiene and Food Safety


And with that, we end our list of the best baby milk powder in Singapore. If you’ve tried buying baby formula from any of these places, share with us how your baby liked their products.

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