Best Collagen Drinks in Singapore
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10 Best Collagen Drinks in Singapore for Overall Health in 2021

While nothing still beats going to the best dermatologists in Singapore, collagen drinks can nonetheless help you maintain your complexion. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for this article!

With these, you can keep your skin as healthy and young-looking as possible. They’re certainly the ones that most consumers recommend!

1. Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

 Price: $35.80

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If you’re looking for a collagen powder in Singapore from a trusted and well-established brand, look no further than the Meiki Amino Collagen Powder.

The Meiji Amino Collagen Powder contains more than collagen — it also has loads of vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immune system. That can actually benefit your skin too, as it can help you fight against infections or inflammations.

This particular drink is neutral-flavored, but that’s not necessarily a disadvantage. It means you can mix it with coffee, juice, or milk easily to get your daily collagen fix with your favourite drink.

Meiji Amino Collagen Powder is definitely one of the most popular and best collagen supplement in Singapore and it’s not so hard to see why.




  • Formulated with 5000 mg of low molecular fish collagen
  • Fast-dissolving powder
  • Has 450mg of arginine (amino acid)
  • Contains a specialised beauty factor

2. Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Drink

Price: $110

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Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Drink is one of the leading collagen beverages in all of Singapore. It perks up the skin while sealing pores with 5,300 mg of collagen for a fairer complexion.

It’s also made of natural ingredients and purports to help with issues like scars and skin spots so we think this is one of the best collagen supplements in Singapore for those with skin issues. 




  • Hydrates the skin
  • Lightens the complexion
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Cures scars and spots

3. AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink

Price: $19.90

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The AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink helps treat eczema besides supplying drinkable collage. It also helps you maintain a healthy complexion while renewing the skin cells.

Drinking the AVALON Stemcell can also power the follicles, strengthening the hair and fingernails. This is essentially a multi-functional supplement that can be a great addition to your beauty regime.

We love how AVALON Stemcell banishes skin issues like eczema whilst giving you a collagen boost. This is why we think this is one of the best collagen drinks in Singapore for overall skin health. 




  • Repairs skin cells
  • Tightens pores
  • Moisturises the skin

4. LAC Taut® Collagen Drink

Price: $69.00

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Blended with collagen plus placenta, the LAC Taut® Collagen Drink combats ageing with deliciousness. It is flavoured with bright, vibrant orange zest — perfect when you need a pick-me-up!

The drink is Vitamin B-enhanced, so it revitalises the skin. It’s particularly good you are looking for a collagen drink in Singapore that provides suppleness to the skin. 




  • 50ml per bottle
  • Enhances the skin’s elasticity
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalises ageing tissues

5. LANEIGE Youth Collagen Drink

Price: $150

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Refreshed skin and better sleep are the effects of slurping down the LANEIGE Youth Collagen Drink. The formula contains Vitamin C, like the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder we mentioned earlier, so those who want to boost their immune systems should try it.

It also calms the nerves, so dozing off to dreamland will be more comfy. Hence, it is recommended to drink it at night, right before your beauty sleep.

Due to its effects on the skin and also ability to give its consumers a good night’s sleep, the LANEIGE Youth Collagen Drink has been one of the most popular and considered the best collagen drink in Singapore for 2020.




  • 25ml per bottle
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Has 5000mg of collagen peptides for a revamped complexion
  • Contains GABA to inspire a snuggly sleep

6. New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink


Price: $85.00

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Manufactured in Japan, the New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink is concocted with a particularly high collagen content of 13,000 mg. That’s more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding consumers!

It results in a complexion that glows gorgeously. This is easily the one to pick if you want as much collagen as possible in your supplement. 

With its dosage of 13,000 mg of collagen in every drink, we reckon this is the best collagen in Singapore for those who are looking for a particularly high collagen concentration.




  • 50ml per bottle
  • Formulated for a youthful complexion
  • Tropical fruit flavour
  • With collagen peptide, Glutathione, anti-oxidants

7. Astalift Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg


Price: $60.00

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ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg, a low molecular supplement to give women firmer, suppler and more beautiful skin. It is perfect for revealing your inner radiance.

Containing three main ingredients: Ornithine, Vitamin C and Ceramide that support the synthesis of collagen and enhance the skin’s youthful appearance. Vitamin C and ceramide are also added for skin brightening, firming and moisturising properties. This drink is perfect for getting the total collagen care that your body needs.




  • “Rare First Extraction” The Highest Concentration Of Collagen
  • Low-molecular Pure Collagen For Optimum Absorption
  • No Preservative & Artificial Colour Added
  • Strengthens skin’s barrier function

8. Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Oatmilk 650g


BEST FOR Those who need added fibre
COST $38.50 SGD
WHERE TO GET Shopee Singapore

Unlike other collagen drinks where you need a base liquid such as juice, coffee, or any other drink to add your collagen to, Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Oatmilk is in itself its own drink. 

A glass serving of this already contains 30 plant-based ingredients, hydroxyproline, lysine, proline, iron, sulphur, and silicon which are all collagen-boosting elements.

It also contains oats, brown rice, bran, buckwheat, and many other fibre sources so this collagen drink is also perfect for those needing a boost of fibre, which aids in detoxification and digestion.

Because it also acts as a breakfast drink, this is the best collagen supplement in Singapore for those who are on-the-go and don’t have lots of time. Here’s a Facebook video created by Biogreen Singapore that shows how you can enjoy a Boba Collagen drink from Perfect Pink Lady Collagen.  


  • Contains many other added elements and nutrients
  • Can be a breakfast drink


  • Might not suit those who need just purely collagen
  • Due to it being a nutrition drink in itself, it contains extra calories

Customer Reviews

There are a number of reviews of Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Oatmilk found online. Many customers raved about the product as a great breakfast drink.

Blogger Becky Wong has this to say about Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady Collagen Oatmilk:

I’ve been a milk lover ever since young and grew to love beetroot a few months back. The oatmilk has a creamy texture; and because it contains beetroot, not only it is pink in colour but also has a hint of sweetness to it. I consume the oatmilk every morning as part of my breakfast routine and to give my skin a healthy boost.

9. TruLife Collagen Cell Renew


BEST FOR Skin hydration and anti-ageing
COST $40.50 SGD (10 bottles)
WHERE TO GET Shopee Singapore

If you are looking for a collagen supplement that specifically targets signs of ageing, you might want to look at TruLife Collagen Cell Renew. 

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew contains mirco marine collagen peptides, which hydrates the skin and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. They claim to be clinically proven to provide results in just 10 days of continuous dosage.

What we like about TruLife Collagen Cell Renew is that it does not contain any added sugar or artificial flavours. If you’re not a fan of drinking it straight from the bottle, you can easily mix it with your favourite drink too. 


  • No added sugar
  • Potent ingredients to fight ageing signs in skin


  • Not suitable for those with seafood allergy

Customer Reviews

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew has received quite a number of online reviews. Here’s one of them from a customer with a username of ‘JacquelineSmith’:

Love the drink it helps brightening skin n help with wrinkles. Thanks for the freebies

Singaporean blogger Girly and the City has this comment about TruLife Collagen Cell Renew:

The amount of collagen in this drink is by far the most I’ve seen in the current market – a whooping 15,000mg.

It smells kinda Westernish, almost similar to Panadol or Paracetamol’s medicinal scent. Once you get past the thickness of the liquid, there’s a wholesome berryish allure that overtakes your senses in a good way for a little bit then a mild bitterness hits you. A slightly sour aftertaste lingers but its easily gotten rid of with a good swig of water.

10. Nature’s Farm Korean Collagen Drink


BEST FOR Fast absorption in the body
COST $19.90 SGD
WHERE TO GET Shopee Singapore

Nature’s Farm Korean Collagen Drink is composed of marine collagen, which is collagen it smaller molecules. This type of collagen is easily dissolved in water, and is also the type of collagen that human bodies absorb faster.

This is great because it means every drop of collagen is really ingested and nothing goes to waste. Another key ingredient in this collagen drink is Hyaluronic Acid, which makes the skin retain water to keep tissues hydrated.

The recommended dosage is to take 1 bottle daily, preferably at night before sleeping. We like that unlike collagen powders, this collagen drink is easy to ingest and does not require any mixing. 


  • Great for fast absorption
  • Worth its value


  • Flavour may not be for everyone

Customer Reviews

There are a number of online reviews found for Nature’s Farm Korean Collagen Drink. Many appreciate the value for money, while there are some who advise that it is worth the berry flavour taste, which isn’t for everyone.

And with that, you have your list of the absolute best collagen drinks in Singapore! Try these the next time you feel as though you need a supplement to keep your skin looking its best.

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