Singapore vs Dubai How Do They Compare
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Singapore vs Dubai: How Do They Compare?

When compared on several points, Singapore and Dubai share certain similarities. 

For starters, they’re both places that get can get stiflingly hot for a significant portion of the year. For another, both are considered successful financial metropolises.

But for this post, let’s see how the two cities compare in other important aspects.

Groceries cost more in Singapore

Groceries cost more in Singapore

When buying food for your pantry, you can expect your grocery receipt to be higher in Singapore. Grocery items cost nearly 37% more in Singapore than in Dubai!

In particular, healthy food in Singapore is quite costly, owing to the nation’s dependence on imported fruit and vegetables. 

And as our guide on supermarket statistics in Singapore shows, supermarkets have contributed at least $432 million to the country’s retail trade industry.

Dubai also doesn’t have the proper environment to grow its own food, so the UAE imports nearly 80% of its food supplies (specifically fresh vegetables from India, Brazil, and elsewhere).

Dubai doesn’t offer citizenship to expats

Dubai doesn’t offer citizenship to expats

Unlike in Singapore, expats in Dubai can’t become citizens of the UAE. Its strict no-citizenship policy is a way of preserving the UAE’s cultural values.

In stark contrast, it can take only two years before a foreigner can get permanent residency status in Singapore. They can do this by marriage to a citizen of Singapore or if they’re fully employed in the country. 

There are also experienced expat divorce lawyers in Singapore to help couples dissolve their marriage in a civil and smooth way. 

Foreigners can also apply for personal loans in Singapore for emergencies or other issues.

Food is relatively cheaper in Singapore

Food is relatively cheaper in Singapore

Though its grocery items are costlier compared to Dubai’s, Singapore’s food offerings are more affordable. They cost around 4.95% less than the food you can buy in Dubai.

This is great news for those who are always on the lookout for the best buffets in Singapore. And even those who prefer to stay at home and have food delivery services can count on paying reasonable fees.

Generally, both places have high standards of living and include a wide variety of food choices. But if it’s hawker stall fare and street food you’re on the lookout for, you might be disappointed not to find them in Dubai.

However, Dubai does have a 2% lower VAT (at 5%) compared to Singapore (7%). And if we’re to look at overall consumer prices between the two, Singapore’s is nearly 27% higher than that of Dubai.

There’s a higher yield in Dubai property investments

There’s a higher yield in Dubai property investments

Renting a one-bedroom apartment near the city centre in Dubai is around $724 cheaper than its Singaporean counterpart. Property prices between these two cities have a wide gap even though both are considered quite expensive places to live in.

Property agencies in Singapore can offer up to 2.63% of capital gains for an apartment bought in the city. In stark contrast, an apartment bought in Dubai can yield up to 10.48%.

Another point of contention is the way people in Singapore and Dubai are taxed. While Singaporeans can count on money in their CPF accounts for retirement plans and future investments, Dubai doesn’t impose an income tax on its residents!