A Guide to Getting Married in Singapore as a Foreigner
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A Guide to Getting Married in Singapore as a Foreigner

Looking forward to getting married in a different country? As a foreigner, having a wedding in sunny Singapore doesn’t need plenty of extra work. 

You only have to meet certain requirements, follow the legal process of the country, and you’re good to go! 

That said, you may have a lot of questions in mind. The good thing is, we have the answers you’re looking for in this guide to getting married in Singapore as a foreigner!

Can foreigners get married in Singapore?

Definitely! Foreigners can easily get married in Singapore as long as they meet the rules and requirements for marriage provided in this website

You might want to get a headstart of the whole marriage process. So, reading this quick guide should be helpful. 

If you’re planning a more elaborate ceremony, be sure to choose a suitable wedding planner for your big day! But if you’re more of the laid back type, you can have both of your ceremony and reception at any nice restaurant

One thing that you should also consider is your budget. In that case, you might also consider having a sustainable wedding to fit it all within the expenses. 

What are the requirements involved in getting married in Singapore?

In Singapore, both parties should be 21 years of age in order to get married. Furthermore, any previous marriage must be dissolved legally. 

In addition, the future bride and groom shouldn’t be closely related to each other. You can refer to the list of prohibited relationships here

If you’re both foreigners, one of the parties should be physically present in Singapore for 15 days prior to submitting a marriage application in the Registry of Marriages (ROM). It can also be fulfilled by a stay in Singapore made in the past.

But if one or both of you are holding a work or long term immigration pass, you need to produce a valid pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for verification. 

Meanwhile, if both of you are holding a short term visit/tourist pass, you need to provide a ‘Letter of No Impediment to Marriage’ issued by your respective home countries’ embassies. All documents should also be original or certified true copies.

I’m below 21 years old, can I still get married in Singapore?

Yes, you can still get married in Singapore if you are below 21 years old. Just take note that you need to follow a special marriage process in order to check your eligibility for solemnisation. 

I am a Singaporean citizen and my partner is a foreigner. Can my partner apply for permanent residence after getting married?

According to ICA, a foreigner may apply for permanent residence if their spouse is a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident. 

Also, if you are a Singapore citizen and intend to marry a foreigner who plans to reside long term in the country, both of you are advised to undergo the “Pre-Marriage Long Term Visit Pass Assessment” by the ICA right before your marriage.

What’s the process like?

Once you have the documents and meet the age requirements, you can now proceed to the next step on the process of your marriage. 

First, you should file a ‘Notice of Marriage’. This process is exclusively done online and should be completed within the 21-day time frame or 12 months before your wedding date. 

You need the following documents as well:

  • NRIC’s or Passports
  • Solemniser Consent Form (for solemnisation outside ROM)
  • Credit card for online filing or cash card for filing of notice
  • Death Certificate of late spouse or divorce papers (if applicable)

Also, keep in mind that if the bride and groom are both non-residents of Singapore, at least one of the pair should stay for 15 days in the country prior to filing the Notice of Marriage.

Afterwhich, the ROM will officially set a time and date for the couple to formally appear in person. This is done for the Verification of Documents and Statutory Declaration. 

Now, this is the moment of truth, after the approval of all the necessary documents, you can finally have your wedding in Singapore! You can either have it at the ROM or at any venue of your choice. 

But if you choose to have it outside the registry, the ceremony must be officiated by a Licensed Solemniser. You also need to bring along two witnesses (21 years old and above) with you.

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