A Guide to Mid-Pandemic Event Planning in SG
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A Guide to Mid-Pandemic Event Planning in SG

Maybe you felt a bit disheartened when a lot of events got cancelled during the peak of COVID-19.

The good news is that restrictions and protocols are slowly easing up. All you need to do is to follow certain safety measures and you can make your event happen!

If you don’t know where to start, let us help you! In this guide, we listed the basic things that you need to consider in order to plan an event during COVID-19 in Singapore.

Strictly Follow Safety Protocols

Hosting events during the pandemic shouldn’t just be about dates and rates. You have to focus on the safety of everyone involved, especially your guests.

Regardless of the size of the event or where it will be held, there is no such thing as zero risk. Hence, you need to follow health protocols at all times, especially as you plan an event.

Strive to make your event as safe as possible. If you can, keep it intimate or small, as well as short in time.

Even though there are no restrictions on the specific number of guests at each banquet table, it’s much better to help your guests follow COVID-19 prevention measures. Make sure that everybody is wearing their mask at all times. 

Also, observe social distancing as much as you can. Provide additional masks too, alcohol-based sanitisers, access to soap and water, and even tissues and bins.

Choose an Open or Well-Ventilated Venue

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 easily spreads in poorly-ventilated spaces. Hence, you need to consider the type of event venue too. 

The venue should be well-ventilated in all areas. It’s a smart move to choose an outdoor space instead, because the air can easily and freely circulate.

However, if it’s a corporate event in an indoor space, you and your guests should take extra precautionary measures. Sticking to safety protocols, be sure to observe safe distancing at least 1 metre from another person. 

That said, purchasing an air purifier for your event can improve indoor air circulation. It can also help in filtering out certain unpleasant smells, bacteria, and more. 

Prioritise Clean Food and Beverage

You must put great value on the food and beverage to be served in your event. In fact, it’s a wise and even safer idea to get a caterer as well. 

Knowing how the food service works and choosing a good catering company will ensure that the food you’ll serve to your guests will not only be delicious, but also clean. 

Self-service buffets are a no-go in times of social distancing. The most viable option is to have seated dining served by staff trained in food-handling and sanitation.

Consider Going Virtual

It’s true that hosting an event virtually is certainly more affordable than an in-person event. That said, you might consider going virtual if necessary. 

For your participants, this is also another good news. Aside from cutting off expenses involved in travelling and lodging, there would be no issues in terms of location too—people worldwide can even attend!

A major advantage of a virtual event is that your guests only need their smartphones, laptops, and a strong WiFi connection. You also won’t need to hire an event planner anymore, and it’s much more sustainable too!

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