Best Art Galleries and Restaurants at Gillman Barracks, SG
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Best Art Galleries and Restaurants at Gillman Barracks, SG

If you want to know everything about art, simply head to Singapore’s famous Gillman Barracks. Here, you’ll be exposed to a contemporary cluster of artworks, countless exhibits, and workshops

For starters, we rounded up the best art galleries and restaurants located at Gillman Barracks just for you!

Discover Outstanding Art Galleries

Gillman Barracks was originally built as a military encampment for British Armies in 1936. Today, this 6.4-hectare piece of land is a bustling neighbourhood for art enthusiasts with a number of outstanding art galleries.

So, be sure to explore Asia’s top destination for contemporary art in this well-known tourist spot. If that isn’t enough to convince you to visit, know that admission for art galleries here is free!

Showcasing contemporary art from Italy, Mucciaccia Gallery offers a broad spectrum of works by distinguished Italian and other international artists. 

This art gallery has built a reputation for working closely with curators to support artists. In addition, it’s widely known for its thought-provoking shows such as artist Giampiero Romano’s “Inside You”.

Location: Blk 6 Lock Rd, #02-10 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108934


The FOST Gallery puts the spotlight on works by emerging local artists. It has gained a reputation as one of Singapore’s most avant-garde galleries. 

Other pieces featured here are the ones from sculptors, Chun Kaifeng and Grace. You can also see artworks of one of SG’s most notable artists, Jimmy Ong. 

Location: 1 Lock Rd, #01-02 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108932


Yavuz Gallery features exhibits on social struggle and significance. This gallery doesn’t only focus on a certain style, but it also shows a variety of artworks with unconventional themes. 

This gallery also promotes intercultural dialogue through contemporary art. Visitors will find various eccentric pieces at this gallery too. 

Location: 9 Lock Rd, #02-23 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108937


OTA Fine Arts

OTA Fine Arts showcases the works of internationally-renowned Japanese artists. One of the major examples is Yayoi Kusama’s polka-dot ensembles that took the art world by storm.

The spaces here cater to video art, large sculptures, multimedia installations, and paintings of all sizes. 

Location: 7 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108935


Have a Hearty Meal at Iconic Restaurants

To end a long day of exploring multiple art galleries, you can enjoy a hearty meal at some of the iconic restaurants and cafes found in Gillman Barracks. 

Savour dynamic cuisines offered at these trendy spots, from a biker-themed bar to fine dining at a luxurious restaurant. 

Burger Labo

For burger lovers, you definitely need to visit Burger Labo and try their famous Basic Burger. Although its name may sound, well, basic, this burger is actually super flavorful.

Frequent visitors love this burger due to its quality beef and burger bun brushed with a house-made bone marrow butter. You can enjoy this mouthwatering treat for only $15.

Location: 41 Malan Rd, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109454



Known as a bikers’ den in Gillman Barracks, Handlebar is your go-to place for a filling Western meal featuring grilled steaks, ribs, burgers, buffalo wings, and more. 

Aside from their juicy dishes, you’ll also enjoy its edgy vibe and unique decors. You’ll even find a rare collection of guitars displayed here as well. 

Location: 10 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108938



Masons is distinctive for its monochromatic colour, as it’s nestled within a refurbished black-and-white colonial building. Aside from an eye-catching facade, Masons is a crowd-favourite due to its delectable European menu. 

They offer French and British classics such as Coq Au Vin and fish and chips, respectively. Also, they serve a fusion of Singaporean flavour found in their gourmet pastas and pizzas.  

Location: 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108936


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