Top 6 Fun Activities at East Coast Park
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Top 6 Fun Activities at East Coast Park

Known as the largest park in Singapore, East Coast Park is a picturesque area that covers 185 hectares of land. Fun fact: the beach here is actually man-made and is suitable for swimming too. 

If you’re planning to go here soon, we came up with some fun activities you can try at East Coast Park!

Enjoy the Beach

The East Coast Park is a vast area made for those who love the outdoors. You can simply do a morning run, casual stroll, prepare a picnic, or swim by the beach.

Another amazing thing about this park is that you can literally camp out and set up your tent here. In fact, Area D and Area G are eligible camping sites perfect for the entire family. 

Do Some Biking at Cyclist Park

If you’re up for the challenge, you can explore the 15-km park by biking from the entire belt up to Marina Bay. Also, there’s an actual cyclist park meant for cycling enthusiasts.

There are two courses here: one for beginners and another featuring more twists and turns for advanced cyclists. Also, a pump track is available within the park as well. 

Check Out Playgrounds

Made for kids and kids at heart, the Marine Cove Playground and Raintree Cove are filled with fun obstacles, structures, and rides. 

At Marine Cove, you’ll find a playground structured just like a lighthouse. Kids can climb here and safely run around the place—just make sure to watch over young kids.

Meanwhile, the Raintree Cove is known for its modern red swings that are sturdy enough for all ages (yes, even adults too). 

Try the Xtreme Skatepark and Wake Park

For the daredevils, you can try extreme activities at East Coast Park. As the name implies, Xtreme Skatepark is a place where you can freely channel your inner pro-skater.

This 1.4-hectare skate park features a vertical bowl for gravity-defying tricks and flipping skills. 

In addition, you can try the cable-ski Wake Park too. With three cable systems, it can confidently cater to beginner, intermediate, and professional water skiers. 

Watch the Sunset at Bedok Jetty

Located at Area F of East Coast Park, Bedok Jetty is the perfect place to capture the beauty of the golden hour. You can go on a quick photo walk, ride your bike, or maybe just lounge around while enjoying the view. 

Another activity that you can also do at the jetty is recreational fishing. Quick tip: there’s a sign near the entrance of the jetty that shows different species of fish that can be caught, so be sure to check that out. 

Have a Mouthful of Delicious Seafood at Restaurants 

After spending a long day at the beach, be sure to end the day with a bang by having some fresh seafood. At East Coast Park, there are several top-rated seafood restaurants known for their delicious menu. 

To give you some ideas, here are the best restaurants serving fresh seafood: 

  • Jumbo Seafood
  • Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre
  • SandBank
  • P.S. Cafe
  • East Coast Lagoon Food Village

In addition, a visit to the beach wouldn’t be perfect without ice cold beers and cocktails. Located near the park, you’ll find several local bars such as the Georges Beach Club and Patro’s Bar & Restaurant where you can enjoy the rest of the night. 

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