How to Deal With Allergens at Home

How to Deal With Allergens at Home

Have you been sneezing and itching lately as soon as you wake up? Chances are you’re allergic to something at home (maybe to something that’s right on your bed, too!).

You can take allergy tests to determine the cause of all those symptoms and find some helpful medical or natural relief for them. 

But you can also start dealing with allergens at home by doing some simple and practical steps starting today.

Remove clutter and decor that gather dust.

Remove clutter and decor that gather dust

Let’s face it — some of that home decor you’re fond of might just be beautiful dust magnets. And if they’re made with hard-to-clean materials and come in unusual shapes, they could be difficult to keep neat and tidy, too. 

So see which ones are gathering dust and could be causing you to sneeze or itch every time you’re near them. Clean these items thoroughly and store them for the time being (you can bring them out during special occasions or holidays).

For bigger decorative items like carpets and drapes, use a steam cleaner to effectively get rid of allergens while sanitizing them.

Take vitamin C daily.

Take vitamin C daily

A healthy immune system is a good armour against allergens, so boost it with lots of Vitamin C. It’s a lot better to tank up on vitamins instead of reaching for that antihistamine bottle every time you feel a sneezing fit coming on. 

You can choose how you want to take it: via multivitamins, with fresh fruit and vegetables, or from Nutribullet-blended energy smoothies. Or you can consider taking probiotics to further fortify your immunity while promoting gut health.

A note on probiotics, though: it’s important to look up the ingredients before taking them if your allergy tests show you’re allergic to soy, dairy, and other components.

Watch out for mould or fungi in indoor plants.

Watch out for mould or fungi in indoor plants

Plants are affordable and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home. They can also help clean the air you breathe.

But houseplants could be neglected, over-watered, or become infested with pests, mould, and fungi. That’s when they can become potential sources of allergens.

You can help prevent or contain mould by using aquarium pebbles, perlite, or stone-type mulch all over your potting soil. 

(Or you can always bring them outside the house and repot them as needed.)

Bathe and groom your furry pets regularly.

Bathe and groom your furry pets regularly

Got cats, dogs, or rabbits at home? Then it’s probably a good idea to also invest in a sturdy vacuum cleaner to clean up after their shed fur and dander. 

Unfortunately, even the most lovable furbabies can be the cause of your allergies. To lessen incidents of allergic reactions, make sure to keep your pets well-groomed, bathed, cleaned, brushed, and sanitized regularly.

One good way to have happy and healthy pets is to get them professional bathing and grooming sessions at reliable pet grooming services in Singapore. Doing this ensures their fur is always hygienic and free of fleas or ticks.