Why Do We Sneeze
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Why Do We Sneeze?

Sneezing is a common phenomenon, but it doesn’t make it less irritating when it happens. It might be doubly embarrassing if you’re an extra-loud sneezer, too!

But why do we sneeze, anyway? 

You might think you know all your triggers, but today’s post aims to shed light on other possible causes.

Airborne irritants and infections

Airborne irritants and infections

As much as you strive to keep your home environment clean, there could still be irritants on surfaces and in the air that find their way inside your nose. And if you keep pets like cats and dogs, the fur and dander they shed might be the main culprits.

The best way to deal with home irritants is to identify and address them ASAP. If it’s fur and dust, you might want to consider robot vacuums to keep your floors constantly swept for these irritants (aside from getting your pets regular grooming sessions).

But if it’s something more serious like mould, it’s best to leave it to the experts. The best mould removal services in Singapore have the skills and proper tools to address this toxic irritant and ensure that it’s gone for good.

Seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

If you find yourself sneezing during certain months of the year, it could be caused by seasonal allergies. The best way to know this for sure would be to get an allergy test at a trustworthy clinic.

It could also be environmental irritants that include pollution, certain viruses, pollen, perfume, or smoke whenever you step outside. 

Aside from closing your windows to keep the irritants out, you can also deep clean your home so that no traces of outside pollutants make their way indoors. It’s a good idea to do get some deep cleaning services to ensure every nook and cranny is free of irritants. 

So get professional carpet cleaning for all your rugs, and keep your upholstery sanitized by the best sofa cleaning services in Singapore during allergy seasons.

Dry air

Dry air

If you’re always sneezing when you wake up in your air-conditioned bedroom, chances are it’s dry air that’s causing it. Sleeping with the aircon on can irritate your mucous membranes and cause an annoying sneezing fit.

It’s one thing to try to manage a runny nose caused by allergies and another to address sneezes brought on by dry air. So if you’ve been asking yourself if a humidifier is worth it, you might already know the answer by now.

If you really can’t sleep without your air-conditioning on, a portable humidifier can help lubricate your nasal passages and lessen the chances of a sneezing fit.

Genetic reasons

Genetic reasons

Sometimes, you sneeze because your mom or dad (or both) always did! And if you sneeze while gazing at the sun or are exposed to brightness, that’s called a photic sneeze reflex and experts believe it could be genetic.

It may not seem fair to get this unique trait passed down to you, but you can figure out if it is indeed genetic with the help of some ENT specialists.

And if it gets to the point of being inconvenient (especially if you have to work outdoors or around bright lights), then maybe it’s time to consider undergoing sinus surgery to correct what needs to be corrected.