The Basics of Cat Care for Singaporeans
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The Basics of Cat Care in Singapore

Thinking about getting a purring bundle of fur soon? Before you do, we have some tips on basic cat care in Singapore for you. 

There are legal and practical things to follow to ensure your cat will live its best life. We hope this can serve as a handy guide for them.

Know the Laws About Cat Ownership in Singapore

Responsible cat ownership means knowing and complying with all pet-related laws in Singapore. Failure to do so will result in steep fines.

The good news is that Singaporeans are legally allowed to own domesticated cats (among other pets) but owners have to strictly follow the Animals and Birds Act. Unfortunately, those living in HDB flats cannot own a cat, though people living in private homes can.

And while it’s not mandatory for Singapore-born cats to be microchipped (unlike those that are imported into the country), it’s highly encouraged to get it done for your pet’s safety. 

Should You Get a Kitten or an Older Cat?

Before any decision happens, it’s best to take a professional allergy test to determine if you’re allergic to felines. Ask other household members to do the same.

If you’re not allergic to cats (congratulations!), think long and hard if you’re going to get a mature cat or one that’s just been weaned from its mother. 

You can also consider the breed, sex, and if you want to adopt from shelters or buy from reputable catteries. 

You’ll need to take into account all aspects of your lifestyle, personal preferences, commitment level, schedules, as well as those of your other household’s members. It’s fine to take considerable time to ponder this. 

Make a Checklist of Basic Needs

Cats have needs — lots of them, in fact. They require proper food, exercise, vitamins, regular grooming, routine health checks, and others.

A quick trip to the best pet stores in Singapore can cover a lot of things in your checklist, but make sure to go to one with sufficient cat-related supplies.

You’ll need to prepare your home to make it safe for your cat, too. Make sure your houseplants aren’t toxic to it, and that breakables and harmful chemicals are locked up and out of reach.

You can invest in a hand-held vacuum or a robot vacuum for an easier cleanup of shed fur and other kitty messes.

Kittens that need to be house-trained can also benefit from being penned in baby gates for the first few months of their lives.

Make a List of Professional Cat Services

As much as you’d like to be there for every moment of your cat’s life, emergencies and unexpected things can happen. You’re better off having experts and professionals to help you out.

Get your cat superior pet insurance so you can rest assured of good coverage and protection, and prepare a list of options for vet clinics in Singapore that can see to your pet’s health.

Need to be away for a couple of days or weeks? Then you should have the best cat boarding or pet sitters in Singapore look after your beloved feline for peace of mind.

And if you need to relocate somewhere and must bring your cat with you, contact professional pet relocation services. They can help make the move smoother and less stressful for you and your pet.