How to Give Your Cat Its Best Life

How to Give Your Cat Its Best Life

If cat lovers had their way, cats will grow old the same way they do. 

Sadly, the average lifespan of a cat is only between 12 to 18 years old (which is way too short). But that shouldn’t stop you from knowing how to give your cat its best life. 

Cats deserve a loving home, nourishment, and happiness at all stages of their lives. And knowing the basics of cat care plays a big part in accomplishing this.

Schedule routine veterinary checkups.

Schedule routine veterinary checkups

A vet’s advice will trump anything you find online because it’s backed by science, experience, and proper research. That’s one of the tips illustrated in our previous post about the things that vets want pet owners to know.

So that’s why your veterinarian has to be on one of your pet speed dial contacts in case of emergencies. But don’t wait until something drastic happens to your cat’s health before getting veterinary consultation.

If you want your cat to be free of diseases and remain healthy, make sure it gets its routine health care check at the vet clinic. This should cover regular vaccinations, deworming sessions, and flea treatments as needed, along with regular health checks.

Give quality food and clean water.

Give quality food and clean water

Getting cheaper brands of cat food could be tempting especially if you find yourself on a strict budget. But this could have serious repercussions on your cat’s health in the long run.

It’s one of a pet owner’s top responsibilities to ensure that your cat is on the right diet and fed well. Luckily, the best pet stores in Singapore stock up on different types of nutritious cat food that don’t necessarily have to be costly. 

And don’t forget the quality of water that they drink, too. Water that’s gone through a water filter is preferred, though keeping its drinking bowl clean and refilled at all times is even more important.

Get your cat insured and fixed (spayed or neutered).

Get your cat insured and fixed (spayed or neutered)

Having a cat is a huge responsibility that requires long-term planning, sufficient funds, time, and effort from you. If you don’t most or all of these factors, it might be better to put off getting a cat until you do.

The responsibility includes getting the best pet insurance that you can afford so you can rest assured that your cat will have most of its medical bills covered.

It’s also important to get the services of a trustworthy vet clinic that will look after your cat’s health and well-being. The most suitable ones will schedule regular checkups, microchipping (if available), and neutering or spaying to increase its life span.

Keep your cat’s environment sanitized.

Keep your cat’s environment sanitized

Cats can cough up hairballs which is pretty normal since they groom themselves with their tongues. But if it’s happening too frequently and you notice abnormal amounts of shedding, you might need the help of a professional cat grooming centre.

Your cat’s environment needs to be thoroughly sanitized so it won’t pick up potential pests and diseases from it. So clean its litter box at least once a week, and scoop out the contents daily.

A handheld vacuum is enough to pick up daily shed fur and dander, though beddings and toys might need more thorough washing to prevent flea and mite infestations.