What Is The Average Height in Singapore
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What is the average height in Singapore?

Not sure whether you’re considered tall or short? This guide can tell you the average height in Singapore, and then you can hopefully draw your own conclusions.

(And nope, adding more height to your current one isn’t a service offered by any plastic surgery clinic in Singapore!)

Average Height among Men in Singapore

Average Height among Men in Singapore

The average Singaporean male is around 171 centimetres or a little over 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, that’s actually considered above average in the region.

But don’t fret if you don’t meet this average. There are practical and doable ways to appear taller than you currently are without resorting to strange workout supplements promising a more imposing height.

For starters, you can practise standing straighter instead of slouching while you walk, sit, or generally move about. The sooner you make a habit of this, the taller and more confident you’ll feel.

And forget about lugging around heavy backpacks and bags for your hefty gaming laptop. You won’t be doing your spine, legs, and arms any favours if you do.

Average Height among Women in Singapore

Average Height among Women in Singapore

A female Singaporean stands at an average of 160 centimetres or a little above 5 feet and 2 inches tall. That’s higher than the average female height for the entire ASEAN region, which is just 153 centimetres!

If you feel like your growth spurt has stalled while the rest of your family continues to grow vertically, you can have a spine specialist look into potential causes. Poor posture, osteoporosis, and other reasons could be behind your height loss.

You could also consult with specialists at the best women’s clinics in Singapore. They have the education, experience, and knowledge of what your body goes through at every phase of your life.

What height is considered short in Singapore?

What height is considered short in Singapore

Given the figures above on the average height of Singaporean men and women, anything that falls below it is generally considered short. And no, this doesn’t just apply to the kids you’ll find in indoor playgrounds but to adults, as well.

So if you’re below 171 centimetres (for men) or 160 centimetres (for women), don’t feel too bad about your height. There are multivitamins (like Vitamins B12, B2, and C) you can still take to promote growth.

You can also try collagen drinks or supplements to increase your bone density and stimulate growth as an adult. However, sleeping well and having good nutrition can already help immensely for an adolescent to reach optimal growth and bone health.

What height is considered tall in Singapore?

What height is considered tall in Singapore

Singaporean males who are six feet tall and above are considered taller than average. For Singaporean women, this applies to those who are five feet and six inches or taller.

If you fall short (pun unintended) of the above-average height and you have supermodel aspirations, please know that a knee replacement surgery isn’t recommended.

Though it can correct your stance and allow the regeneration of tissue and cartilage, the pain and inconvenience during and after the operation might not be worth it.

Instead, consider taking up yoga classes where gentle stretches and poses can help you lengthen your spine naturally and gently.