Singapore vs South Korea How Do They Compare
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Singapore vs South Korea: How Do They Compare?

There are plenty of Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore that you might think going to South Korea should already be stricken off your bucket list.

But today’s post might change your mind as we compare Singapore and South Korea on several important factors. 

We hope this serves as a helpful guide for you.

Singapore has a higher average temperature

Singapore has a higher average temperature

It’s hotter and more humid in Singapore compared to South Korea. There’s a 15.7℃ discrepancy between the two, with Singapore’s average temperature at 29.3℃ and South Korea at 13.6℃.

So don’t be surprised to find that aside from having at least one aircon unit in Singapore homes, you could also find a dehumidifier or two. And no, it doesn’t snow in Singapore, so the weather stays pretty much consistent all throughout the year.

Meanwhile, there’s an overall temperate climate in South Korea with a winter season that spans December to February. 

Snow does fall in the country, though wintertime usually means dry weather, low temperatures, and South Koreans wearing hand warmers to protect them from the cold.

Seoul has over 4 million more inhabitants

Seoul has over 4 million more inhabitants

Seoul, South Korea’s capital, has 9.73 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, 5.45 million people currently live in Singapore, showing a 4.28 million difference between the two locations.

Given their relative total land areas with Seoul at around 605 square kilometres and Singapore’s at nearly 720 square kilometres, that’s quite a discrepancy in their population. 

The Singaporean government has made efforts to get married citizens to have more babies by incentivising pregnancies with cash gifts and savings. Successful couples can receive up to $6,000 for each child.

With Singaporeans’ fertility rate at an all-time low, the country’s need to produce more babies has also yielded many IVF clinics in Singapore

Singaporeans have a higher average salary

Singaporeans have a higher average salary

Singaporeans who want to travel to Korea for plastic surgery can do so with no financial worries. They make 2.4 times more money than South Koreans, anyway, thanks to a GDP per capita of $106,969.

The average salary in Korea is around $3,257.33 per month. In Singapore, it’s somewhere at $6,168.50.

The salary range in Singapore is pretty satisfactory among the regularly employed and those who have freelance jobs

A quick look at some reliable salary guides in Singapore can help employees and job seekers determine their worth via hourly salaries and other methods.

Fewer adults are likely to be obese in Seoul

Fewer adults are likely to be obese in Seoul

Singapore currently has around 6.1% overweight or obese people. In contrast, there’s only a 4.7% obesity percentage among Seoul residents.

In 2020, the average weight of South Korean men who were 30 to 39 years old was 78.73 kilograms. 

On the other hand, a report from The Straits Times indicated that there’s been a 3-kilogram weight gain for the average Singaporean compared to 15 years ago.

Because what they eat isn’t generally considered healthy food, a Singaporean diet could do with some guidance from nutritionists. In comparison, a Korean diet is healthier with probiotic food like kimchi as a ubiquitous side dish.