How to Remove Cigarette Smells from Clothes and Carpets
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How to Remove Cigarette Smells from Clothes and Carpets

If you or other people at home have a smoking habit you can’t seem to break, then you’ve likely been living with that unpleasant stale odour that comes with it. 

Cigarette smoke has a way of sticking into your clothes, carpets, drapes, and upholstery. While you might be used to it, some people could find it offensive as soon as they get a whiff.

So for the sake of always smelling fresh, let’s look at how to remove cigarette smells from your clothes and carpets today.

Air it out.

Air it out

Don’t leave your clothes crumpled up in your laundry baskets if you don’t want the ciggie smell to linger for longer on them. Instead, bring out your clothes racks or string a clothesline so you can hang and air them out.

You can do this outdoors if you have a yard or even on a balcony. But if you don’t, a standing fan can help create enough air currents to dissipate the smell indoors.

Depending on how saturated your clothes are with smoke, this technique could take anywhere between a couple of hours to a week to be a success.

Machine wash according to instructions.

Machine wash according to instructions

You could turn to professional laundry services if you don’t have time to try and wash out the smell on your own. But if you want to tackle your clothes, carpets, and other fabrics by yourself, make sure to follow their care instructions.

Hand washing is fine if it’s just several articles of clothing you’re going to deal with. But for carpets, rugs, or drapes, a washing machine is the best solution.

Add a cup of distilled white vinegar during the rinse cycle and let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing. This can ensure that every last bit of smokey smell will be taken out.

Of course, clothing that is labelled “dry clean only” needs to be taken to the best dry cleaning services in Singapore.

Open windows to let air and sunlight in. 

Open windows to let air and sunlight in

If you have guests coming over and don’t have time to steam clean or wash everything, simply throw all your windows open. The fresh air can come in while stale air is let out. 

You can unlatch shutters or glass panes and leave the window grill or screen open for privacy and security. See if you can also have reputable window contractors either widen your existing windows or add more per room. 

As an added bonus, leaving your windows open during the daytime is a great energy saving tip because you won’t have to rely on an electric fan or overhead lights all the time. 

To further help combat air pollutants, select some air-purifying indoor houseplants and place them all over the room.

Use baking soda on carpets.

Use baking soda on carpets

Baking soda is a handy all-purpose tool that can eliminate all sorts of odours. That’s why even cat owners swear by it as a basic cat care tool that helps litter boxes smell less stinky.

You can sprinkle a judicious amount of baking soda all over a carpet that’s absorbed plenty of cigarette smoke. Leave it on overnight and use a strong vacuum cleaner to pick up all traces of baking soda (and dust).

This is a more affordable DIY option to getting professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore, and it always works!