5 Ways to Achieve a Spa-Like Bathroom
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5 Ways to Achieve a Spa-Like Bathroom 

Spending some time in the spa after a long day of work is a great way to unwind. However, a spa trip can be a bit expensive, and it’s difficult to book an appointment on a busy day, so it’s not really the most practical choice. 

That’s why if you’re thinking of having a bathroom renovation, consider transforming your bathroom into an ideal space that can serve as your little oasis any time of the day.  

To help you with this home improvement project, we gathered some of the ways to achieve a spa-like bathroom for your home. 

Set the ambiance with proper lighting. 

No matter what you’ll be working on, be it kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider proper lighting. Setting the mood and ambiance of your bathing space is a simple yet effective way to create a spa-like retreat. 

Candles are some of the most common details in a spa. However, since a candle is not a safe addition inside the bathroom due to the curtains or blinds, you can just replicate its light by installing light fixtures with dimmers. 

Just remember that ambient lighting can be a bit too dim for some, so make sure to also integrate some accent or task lighting in your sink or vanity area. 

Clear the clutter in your bathroom.

Remove toilet papers, hairdryer, hair straightener, hair curler, or toiletries you are not using on a daily basis because they may just be adding to the clutter in your bathroom countertop or vanity area. 

Clutter can make your bathroom look unattractive and disorganized. For this reason, ensuring that you have designated storage areas for toiletries and other things you use every day is key in achieving a clean bathroom that’s conducive to relaxation. 

Add some decorative fixtures and aromatic scents. 

Not all homes have an extensive bathroom space… but don’t fret because when it comes to renovations, upgrades can come in small packages too. 

For example, you can add a touch of nature to your bathroom and brighten the space by incorporating some houseplants and flowers. 

In addition to that, you can also mimic the soothing scents inside the spa facility by using scented candles or essential oil, which can be used on a diffuser. 

Get creative with your storage area. 

If you have minimal square footage in your bathroom, we suggest that you invest in a good cabinet or open shelves where you can stash away your toiletries and other essentials. 

You can also get storage inspirations from your favorite spa place. Instead of bulky storage boxes, you can try using clear glass jars, wicker baskets, or decorative trays. 

Bear in mind that if you need to change your bathroom’s layout or make major changes when adding storage space, we recommend that you hire a renovation contractor and interior designer to handle the project for you. 

Upgrade your showerhead. 

Changing your old showerhead into a water-saving and luxurious model can significantly increase the functionality and appeal of your bathing space. 

Before you visit the hardware store and call a plumber to do the installation, it’s essential to know the showerhead features you need and prefer. 

For your reference, we listed some of the most common showerhead types: 

  • Hand-held Showerhead 
  • Rainfall/Waterfall Showerhead
  • Fixed Showerhead
  • Dual Showerhead
  • High-Pressure Showerhead