Choosing Between an Inkjet and a Laser Printer
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Choosing Between an Inkjet and a Laser Printer

In the process of setting up a home office, you might be wondering what kind of printer you’ll be getting. And you wouldn’t want to end up with something that isn’t suited to your needs.

With that in mind, today’s post is all about learning to choose between an inkjet and a laser printer. 

But instead of focusing on specs and technical stuff, we’ve come up with more practical factors for you to consider.

When, why, and where will you use it?

When, why, and where will you use it

The best office printers are usually installed in corporate setups to accommodate the needs of different departments. This means higher volumes of printing needs with more frequency between uses.

So if you’re looking to do larger quantities of printing for office documents on a daily basis, a laserjet printer will fill the bill. It can perform printing for both coloured and monochrome documents more often, too. 

But for occasional (non-daily) printing needs like when you need a hard copy (say, a digital marketing course outline), an inkjet printer will do quite nicely. It can print smaller volumes at home, but can still manage to churn out high-resolution images when you need them.

The size of your office/home office space can also play a role in your choice. Inkjet printers are typically sleeker and more compact compared to bulkier laser printer models with all their internal drums and rollers.

How much will you be printing?

How much will you be printing

Photo by George Milton from Pexels

The best laser printers are those that can churn out a lot of documents and will cost you a lot less per page. Unlike the ink used by an inkjet printer, its toner doesn’t dry out so it can perform much longer than the latter.

This is why a lot of printer copier rentals in Singapore prefer to use laser printers. They’re easier to maintain and can accommodate thousands of text-based documents for everyone, from students to professionals.

Laser printers can also print creative and craftsy projects, though picture-heavy printing is best done by an inkjet printer.

But if you want something simple and non-fussy to label your stuff with, look into getting a portable label maker, instead. It’s handy and doesn’t take up much room as an inkjet or laser printer!

What kind of print quality do you need?

What kind of print quality do you need

As previously mentioned, printing photos is best done with an inkjet printer. It’s a popular option among those who prefer DIY over paying for professional photo printers in Singapore.

It’s a great tool if you want to do a budget wedding plan that’s still big on creativity and high-quality printing. The way a good inkjet printer can mix liquid ink can help you come up with placeholders, invites, and other gallery-quality pictures for your special day.

It’s also a good option if you want to come up with an album filled with family photographs. Inkjet printers are great for photo books and will allow you to control how fast you can produce one as a sentimental keepsake. 

What is your printer budget?

What is your printer budget

A laser printer may be more expensive upfront than an inkjet printer. However, because of its faster printing speed and general cost per page, it might just prove to be the more economical option between the two.

Inkjet printers are initially more affordable, but the ink that it needs to operate can cost more in the long run.

The bottom line is, the best printer for you would be something that suits your budget not just initially but over time. Of course, having an idea of the kind of printing you’ll likely do can help you budget for it, as well.