A Quick Price Guide to Plastic Surgery in SG
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A Quick Price Guide to Plastic Surgery in SG

The outcome of plastic surgery can be tremendously life-changing to a person. If you’re not sure what it entails, plastic surgery is a procedure that can help boost a person’s confidence through facial and body enhancement.

In this quick guide, we came up with the estimated costs of plastic surgery here in Singapore.

What is plastic surgery? 

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure involving the improvement of a person’s physical appearance. Aside from that, it can also restore and regenerate the function of an affected area. 

There are two types of plastic surgery: cosmetic plastic surgery and medical or reconstructive surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery is done to reshape the body for the purpose of changing it to a preferred look. On the other hand, medical or reconstructive surgery helps fix the abnormal structures of the body.

When it comes to the prices of these procedures, many of them can go as high as thousands of Singaporean dollars (though it depends on the surgery involved, naturally). So, that’s something you should really think about as well. 

Estimated Cost of Plastic Surgery for Cosmetic Purposes in SG

Cosmetic plastic surgery focuses more on altering a certain part of the face or body for beautification purposes. Often, several aesthetic clinics and certified dermatologists do these procedures.

Regarding costs, it can range from $800 (or lower) to $25,000 Singaporean dollars. You also need to consider the doctor’s fee and other medical miscellaneous expenses.

Here are some of the top cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Singapore:

Type of Cosmetic Plastic SurgeryEstimated Costs of Procedures
Double Eyelid Surgery$3,000 - $5,000
Rhinoplasty$4,000 - $15,000
Breast Augmentation$10,000 -$16,000
Breast Reduction$12,000 - $25,000
Tummy Tuck$8,000 - $20,000
Liposuction$3,000 - $12,000
Hair Transplant$5,000 - $12,000
Double Chin Removal$800 - $3,000
Buccal Fat Removal$2,300 - $6,000
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)$4,000 - $7,000

Keep in mind that cosmetic plastic surgery still has its risks. Hence, it’s advisable to choose a doctor that specialises in your chosen procedure. 

Estimated Cost of Plastic Surgery for Medical Purposes in SG

As mentioned, medical or reconstructive plastic surgery corrects the visible defects on the face and body. This includes birth deformities, traumatic injuries, and unlikely effects of disease treatments. 

One of the best examples of medical plastic surgery is breast reformation for women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer

On one hand, the cost of this type of plastic surgery starts from $300 up to $40,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure. Here are some examples:

Type of Medical Plastic SurgeryEstimated Costs of Procedures
Hand Surgery$5,000 - $17,000
Jaw Surgery$12,000 - $36,000
Knee Replacement Surgery$6,000 - $30,000
Bunion Surgery$350 - $1,000
Ptosis Surgery$4,800 - $8,000

Aside from the anticipated result of your plastic surgery, one thing you should also consider is the high cost of the procedure. 

If you wish to proceed with a cosmetic surgery, your health insurance won’t be eligible for it unfortunately, which means that you should pay for it out of your own pocket. But the good thing is, you can use MediSave for medical plastic surgeries instead. 

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