The 7 Clinics for the Best Hepatobiliary Surgery in Singapore

Best Hepatobiliary Surgery in Singapore

By Colin Ng

Do you have an existing liver, bile duct, or pancreas-related condition that needs to be treated immediately? If so, we strongly recommend paying a visit to the clinics that offer the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore.

Since there are a lot of clinics scattered all over the island, looking for one with the best hepatobiliary surgery can get a little difficult. But worry no more because we have exactly what you’re searching for.

We compiled in a list the top clinics that offer the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore. Check them out below to see where they’re located!

(Note: This list is in no particular order.)

1.  Dr. Aaron Poh – Colorectal Surgeon Singapore

BEST FOR  Colorectal care
SERVICES Colorectal Cancer
Anal Conditions
Pelvic Floor Disorders
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
ADDRESS 3 Mount Elizabeth #17-16 Medical Centre Singapore 228510
CONTACT DETAILS 31292332[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon–Fri: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 12:30PM

Colorectal Surgeon Singapore is a clinic that offers numerous services catering to various colorectal ailments. They’re considered one of the best clinics due to their customised care, which is able to fulfill any of their patient’s medical needs.

Headed by Dr. Poh, their team of professional healthcare providers are specialists trained in colorectal treatment. They’ll be able to handle any of your health issues, especially ones regarding your colon, appendix, and small intestine.

Don’t hesitate to drop Colorectal Surgeon Singapore a line if you need to, as they offer 24/7 customer care and support. They believe that any health concerns you have should be treated seriously.


  • Professional and high-quality services
  • Colorectal surgeries


2.  Surgical Associates

Surgical Associates' Homepage

BEST FOR  Experienced Surgeons
SERVICES Hepatobiliary Surgery, General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, and Endoscopy
ADDRESS Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre #08-07, 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
CONTACT DETAILS 66905482 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

If you’re searching for a clinic with a team of experienced surgeons, then you have to check out Surgical Associates. It’s known for having a huge team of physicians who each have their own areas of specialty, including general surgery, liver diseases, pancreas-related conditions, and many more.

It’s headed by Dr. Lee Ser Yee and Dr. Tan Wah Siew, two of the top general surgeons on the island, so all patients can be assured they’re in safe and capable hands. Both of them have studied and practiced locally and internationally.

Surgical Associates is also known for offering comprehensive and personalised services to ensure that every need of their patients will be accommodated, especially those with conditions related to the pancreas and liver — which is why we consider it among the top clinics with the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore.


  • Comprehensive services
  • Competent medical staff
  • Comfortable clinic


3.  Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery Centre

Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery Centre's Homepage

BEST FOR  Wide Range of Services
SERVICES Hepatobiliary Surgery, General Surgery, and Gastrointestinal Surgery
ADDRESS Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, #16-02, 3 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228510
CONTACT DETAILS (65) 6690 4562 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery Centre has grown into one of the most trusted medical clinics on the island. It offers treatments for gallbladder cancer, hernia repair, liver abscess surgery, pancreatic tumours, among others.

As one of the top clinics for the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore, it ensures patients’ safety by using only cutting-edge and advanced medical technologies. It also boasts a staff of experienced surgeons and nurses.

Lastly, the Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery Centre offers different approaches to surgery depending on the needs and condition of the patient, from conventional techniques to modern ones.


  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Experienced surgeons
  • With a track record of successful operations


4.  Digestive & Liver Surgery Centre

Digestive & Liver Surgery Centre's Homepage

BEST FOR  Cancer Treatment
SERVICES Hepatobiliary Surgery, Liver Treatment, Pancreas Treatment, and Hernia Treatment
ADDRESS Gleneagles Hospital, Unit 03-37C (Annexe Block), 6A Napier Road, Singapore 258500
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dr Victor Lee Tswen Wen, a surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, leads Digestive & Liver Surgery Centre, offering patients a wide range of treatments for all hepatobiliary conditions. Some of their services are liver treatment, pancreas treatment, biliary treatment, hernia treatment, and many more.

If you’re one of those afraid to go under the knife, you have nothing to be scared of with the Digestive & Liver Surgery Centre as it also offers non-invasive and minimally-invasive surgeries for minor conditions.

Another reason we call it among the top clinics for the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore is its approachable and friendly medical staff.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Personalised services
  • Non-invasive and minimally-invasive


5.  Tay Khoon Hean Surgery

Tay Khoon Hean Surgery's Homepage

BEST FOR  Liver Surgery
SERVICES Liver Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, General Surgery, Outpatient Surgery, and Pancreatic Surgery
ADDRESS Gleneagles Medical Centre 6 Napier Road, #08-02 Singapore 258499
CONTACT DETAILS +65 64711221 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tay Khoon Hean Surgery is the best option for those with liver-related conditions as it’s headed by Dr Tay Khoon Hean, one of the top liver surgeons on the island. He’s studied and practiced both here and abroad, so rest assured that he’s the perfect surgeon for the job.

What’s more, Dr. Tay’s clinic lends its hands to an extensive list of medical services, from hepatobiliary diagnosis to hepatobiliary surgeries. It also conducts pancreatic surgery, general surgery, and even laparoscopic surgery.

In terms of accessibility, Tay Khoon Hean Surgery takes the top spot with a total of three locations scattered all over Singapore. Booking an appointment is extremely easy as well!


  • Three locations
  • Experienced surgeons
  • Wide range of services

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what a previous patient has to say about its services:

“A kind doctor with a very big heart. I brought my dad to Dr Tay years ago, not knowing what happened to him after multiple doctors had seen him. He lost all appetite, lost a lot of weight and was suffering from pain. I was afraid about cancer. From the CT scan, Dr Tay suspected rupture in the gallbladder due to gallbladder stones. Under the steady hands of Dr Tay, the gallbladder was removed, cancer was ruled out, and the operation was very successful. My dad was already in his 70s and was able to recover under the good care of Dr Tay. My family owed Dr Tay; with an extension of life, my dad was able to see my wedding and birth of his granddaughter.”


6.  Nexus Surgical Associates

Nexus Surgical Associates' Homepage

BEST FOR  Large Team of Surgeons
SERVICES Cancer Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Endoscopy, Hernia Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Pancreas Surgery
ADDRESS 3, #08-06 Mount Elizabeth, Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6235 8633
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Considered one of the most trusted clinics on the island, Nexus Surgical Associates boasts a huge team of surgeons who each have years of experience under their belts. Everyone on its team also has their own area of expertise, from cancer surgeries to hepatobiliary surgeries.

As a way of ensuring every patient’s safety and welfare, Nexus Surgical Associates uses only advanced and state-of-the-art technologies and techniques for all its services. It’s also committed to providing patients with comprehensive and personalised treatments that aim to relieve them of the stress of dealing with a medical condition.

Considering these, it’s enough for us to call it a clinic that offers the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore.


  • Experienced surgeon
  • Cutting-edge equipment


7. Glad Clinic

BEST FOR Gallbladder, Liver, pancreas and Digestive problems
SERVICES Abdominal wall and organs surgery
ADDRESS 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #07-01 Singapore 217562

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre,
3 Mount Elizabeth,  #16-07 , Singapore 228510

OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM,
Saturday 9:00 AM — 12:00 Noon

Recent advances in medical science and technology has allowed better outcomes in management of diseases in the gallbladder, liver, pancreas and digestive organs. This offers many patients the cure of their ailments with the least discomfort and shorter recovery time.

The mission of the GLAD Clinic is to utilize such state-of-the-art treatment options to provide effective and expeditious management for our clients both locally and internationally and at the same time ensuring a smooth hassle-free treatment experience with privacy and convenience.


  • Expert care
  • Varied services
  • Cutting-edge technology



And with that, we conclude our list of the clinics that offer the best hepatobiliary surgery in Singapore. If you’ve been to any of these clinics before, we’d like to hear about your experience with them, so please leave us a note about it below!

Furthermore, if you want to consult specifically with a liver specialist, check out our list of the best liver specialists in Singapore. These physicians can offer important medical advice that you’ll need for your road to recovery!

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