How to Make a Smart Home
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How to Make a Smart Home

Living smart means taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer for a convenient domestic life. A truly smart home goes beyond providing entertainment and well into making your house a safe and secure space for everyone in it.  

So if you’re interested to know how to make a smart home, this guide is for you!

Note: If your home is prone to electrical issues and fluctuating voltage problems, you’ll need expert power trip repair services to address them ASAP. Otherwise, no matter how smart your home may be, you’re going to be in the dark a lot if this remains an issue.

Install automated lighting.

Install automated lighting

Since the advent of the Internet of Things, everything in your home can now be controlled using your smartphone or other portable devices. One of the most important things you can upgrade is your lighting (both indoors and outdoors).

You can also choose voice-activated virtual “assistants” like Siri, Alexa, or Google Home and ask them to turn on the lights for you. Pick the ones that work with your devices and which you find most convenient to use.

Getting your lights on as you’re arriving home from work or elsewhere can deter intruders from trying to break in. it also provides a welcoming atmosphere and a silent reassurance that you’re finally in your safe space with your loved ones.

Upgrade to digital home security.

Upgrade to digital home security

Upgrading your home security systems can be great news for you on several levels. 

For starters, your home insurance premiums could get significant discounts if it falls under the insurance company’s protective devices coverage. After all, these companies’ aim is to make your home as burgle-proof and safe as possible, right?

And because you can keep track of these upgrades using your devices, you can rest assured that your home is secure even when you’re not in it.

So start by installing some home security cameras in strategic places of your house. You can also upgrade to smoke detectors that have smart features for control and monitoring via an app.

Change to digital locks. 

Change to digital locks

A lot of homes now use doorbell cameras so the residents can feel safer about who comes a-calling on their doorsteps. This is also a smart way to detect and identify would-be intruders even when nobody’s home to confront them.

You can also upgrade your mechanical lock and key systems to digital locks. These can either work with your existing traditional locking systems or replace them altogether with features you can control on your smartphones or devices. 

Get smart appliances and accessories.

Get smart appliances and accessories

Of course, the simplest way to start building a smart home is to get smart appliances. And the great thing about this is it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

You can start with the smart cleaning appliance that’s a hit with everyone: robot vacuums. They can zip around a room and pick up pet or human hair, clean floors and surfaces of dust, and then go back to their charging docks when they need to. 

And if you want a convenient entertainment system, consider getting smart OLED TVs that can up your viewing experience. Pair them with the best soundbars in Singapore, and you won’t have to leave your home and pay to see a movie elsewhere!