A Quick Guide to a Doctor’s Salary in Singapore
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A Quick Guide to a Doctor’s Salary in Singapore

Being a doctor is considered as one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. That’s why aspiring doctors work hard just to get accepted into medical schools – there are definite rewards for it. 

Whether you’re thinking about pursuing this career or are just curious, we listed the average salary of doctors here in Singapore. 

Why do doctors have high salaries?

The main reason doctors are paid well is due to their qualifications and experience. In short, health is absolutely essential to everyone, and it’s a doctor’s job to make sure that people are healthy. 

When you notice any health complications, the first thing that goes to your mind is to consult a specialist. The amount of money that doctors make is still dependent on the specialty that they practise in.  

Notably, doctors’ average salary also depends on their level of seniority or work rank. That includes being a house officer, medical officer, registrar, consultant, or an emeritus consultant. 

How many hours does a doctor work in Singapore?

According to the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), a junior doctor works an average of 80 hours weekly. In the medical world, a doctor can work a staggering 18 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Typically, a doctor doesn’t work for 24 hours. For example, hospital shifts can start from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, concluding 12 hours of work a day. 

Doctors also have a maximum of 30 hour straight shifts, 10 hours off between shifts, and an overnight call frequency of no more than every third night.

In Singapore, the average hourly rate of doctors starts from $110. This is based on the amount of work you’ve done in an hour. 

The Average Salary of Doctors in Singapore

A doctor’s salary in Singapore includes benefits such as annual leaves, healthcare, housing, and transportation. In fact, salaries vary depending on your chosen specialisation as well.

Usually, a doctor earns an estimated average of $19,900 monthly. In other cases, salaries can start as low as $7,290 and go as high as $33,500. 

The table below shows some of the average salaries of doctors in their specific jobs:

Job TitleAverage Monthly SalaryAverage Annual Salary
General Surgeons$29,000$348,000

Additionally, one of the major aspects that affect a doctor’s salary is his or her seniority and experience. Naturally, the more years a doctor has worked in their profession, the higher their wage will be.

In a salary survey, doctors who work in the public sector in Singapore earn 5% more than those working in private hospitals or clinics. 

Keep in mind that changes in salary are also different from one location to another. Generally, your chosen healthcare institution will hugely impact your wage as well. 

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