A Quick Price Guide to Bunion Surgery in SG
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A Quick Price Guide to Bunion Surgery in SG

Suffering from a deformed bunion? It’s probably time to get it treated! There’s nothing more relieving than being able to wear your socks and shoes without any discomfort. 

To help you with that, we came up with this quick guide to discuss the estimated prices of bunion surgery here in Singapore. Wanna know more? Go and read on!

What is a bunion?

A bunion is known as the bony lump that forms on your big toe, specifically on its joints. It usually occurs when various bones move out of place. 

Due to this movement, the tip of the big toe gets pulled out towards the smaller toes, which coerce the joints of the base of your big toe to stick out. 

Not only will this cause a disfigured toe, but it will also cause your skin to be swollen and reddish. There are also smaller bunions (bunionettes) that can appear on your little toe.

Once you’ve noticed a bunion starting to form, it’s best to visit a specialist right away to get the necessary medical treatment. Prices for these treatments usually start low and increase with procedures like surgery, ranging from $800 to $2,000. 

Why do you need bunion surgery?

Bunions are very uncomfortable, and that’s a fact. You may need to undergo bunion surgery when you start experiencing unbearable pain or swelling that isn’t reduced by over the counter medicine. 

Your doctor may conduct a thorough assessment first to know the state of the condition. Additionally, the need for bunion surgery depends on what type of bunions you have. 

For mild and moderate cases, bunion surgery is no longer required while for severe cases, surgery is needed when:

  • You start to see extensive toe deformity
  • Home remedies and medications no longer work
  • Severe pain disrupts daily activities like exercise 
  • Toe inflammation starts to throb

It’s best to seek immediate help to avoid further complications such as hammertoe, a painfully abnormal bend of toe joints.

What are the causes and symptoms of bunions?

Although there is no actual confirmation on what causes bunions, some factors are linked to the following:

  • Foot stress, condition, or injuries
  • Genetically inherited foot type
  • Foot deformities since birth
  • Associated with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis

Keep in mind that there are also risk factors such as wearing high heels and ill-fitting shoes that can potentially cause bunions. 

You should look out for early signs and symptoms of bunion growth to avoid the worst. The symptoms include: 

  • Limited movement of your toe
  • Redness, swelling, and painful sensations 
  • Development of calluses and corns
  • A visible bump on the outside base of your big or little toe

To prevent bunions, one of the most effective ways is to choose your shoes very carefully. As a matter of fact, a podiatrist can even professionally assist you with that. 

What’s the estimated price of bunion surgery in Singapore?

In Singapore, the cost of bunion surgery depends on several factors, such as the severity of the condition, type of surgery, and your chosen healthcare institution. 

Generally, the estimated price ranges from $800 to $2,000 for subsidised patients, while for the others, it can go as high as $3,500. 

The good news is, you can use MediSave for bunion surgery. The same thing goes for other Integrated Shield Plans like AXA, Great Eastern, and Prudential

You should also remember that the overall cost includes the consultation, X-ray, removal surgery, medications, and consumables. 

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