How do Singaporeans flirt
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How do Singaporeans flirt?

Are you itching to send flower delivery to that girl who caught your eye? Or are you a smitten gal who wants to ask that guy you like out on a date in Singapore?

If you don’t know how Singaporeans flirt, this post might be of help. 

How do you tell if a girl or a guy is interested in you Singapore?

How do you tell if a girl or a guy is interested in you Singapore

There are certain signs that a Singaporean is interested in someone, and it involves body language, speech, and even technological tools. 

Before those couples you know or look up to became an item, they had to go through flirting and awkward interactions first. And they didn’t start with romantic dinners and proposals complete with engagement rings either.

In the next sections, let’s take a closer look at how Singaporeans typically flirt with people they like.

1. They text or chat with lots of flirty emojis

They text or chat with lots of flirty emojis

These days, the flirtation tool of choice is one’s smartphone. With a few taps, anyone can convey how they’re feeling to someone using cute yellow emojis that blow kisses, hearts, and basically, just smile a lot.

So if you’re at the receiving end of a lot of these emojis even if the message is seemingly mundane, there’s a big chance the sender is trying to flirt with you.

And if the emojis come with flattering selfies from the sender’s camera phone, you might want to know how to flirt back accordingly—because they’re definitely flirting with you! 

2. They laugh at your silly jokes

They laugh at your silly jokes

If a certain someone looks at you with awe after you’ve cracked a joke or done a trick that you’ve performed a dozen times in front of others, that’s a sure sign of flirting.

Hysterical laughter, lightly slapping you on the shoulder or arm, and other enthusiastic reactions to what you’ve said or done are flirtatious gestures. They may be done consciously or subconsciously.

So you don’t need to have the skills of a professional magician or comedian to earn the affection of someone who’s already smitten with you. As that song goes, every little thing you do is magic, and every event becomes a fun activity with you around.

3. They will ask you out for a meal or coffee

They will ask you out for a meal or coffee

The most upfront Singaporeans won’t hesitate to ask someone out in a heartbeat. Singaporeans are known foodies, after all.

So if someone asks you “Have you eaten?” and you answer, “No,” wait if they ask you out for high tea or a meal. If they don’t, then you can chalk up the query as something akin to “How are you doing?”

But if they do ask you to join them for a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe in Singapore, chances are they want to get to know you better over a shared drink or dessert.  

4. They go on dating apps to find potential partners

They go on dating apps to find potential partners

While going on online dating apps in Singapore isn’t a flirtatious gesture per se, it’s still a good platform to showcase one’s personality and create good first impressions.

Dating apps are also great for boosting one’s confidence, especially for those who haven’t been in the dating scene long enough. Some people regard them as a dry run for actual face-to-face dating and flirting.

So if you want to practice your flirting skills, you might be able to pick up some techniques on your favourite dating apps.