The 12 Best Singapore Magicians

Best Singapore Magicians

By Lindsey Tan

Preparing for your child’s birthday party or an upcoming company event? To entertain your guests with amusing performances, the best Singapore magician provides outstanding shows that both children and adults can enjoy!

If you’re in a rush and don’t have enough time to talk with every professional magician and see which one of them fits your criteria, don’t worry because we already did the hard task for you! We picked the most in-demand and best Singapore magicians who can surprise and amaze any audience!

1.  Tricky Patrick

Tricky Patrick's Homepage

BEST FOR  Comedy magic show
PRICING Packages
ADDRESS  201 Hougang Street 21, #04-11, Singapore 530201
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9846 6609

Want your kids and their friends to have fun by giving them exciting magic shows? If you do, then Tricky Patrick can give you the best party entertainment that you’ve ever experienced!

Tricky Patrick is known to be one of the best Singapore magicians: he’s performed for many major children’s events with company giants like Media Corp.

He has showcased his talents and creativity for Kids Fiesta, BabyCare festival, and more!

He has also been invited by celebrities to their kids’ birthday parties! He has over a decade of experience and is capable of performing hundreds of shows in a year.

Apart from the magic shows, he has also teamed up with some of the greatest entertainers like balloon twisters, face painters, and game masters as well!

Tricky Patrick has been featured on various media sites and broadcasting channels, proving that the team has truly captured the interest of many audiences.


  • Online zoom package
  • Face painting
  • Party games
  • Learn a free magic trick for your child

Customer Reviews

Customers also shared that Tricky Patrick was friendly while staying professional and the whole team was able to entertain the crowd with flawless magic tricks and natural comedy.

A client posted this feedback:

“We had such an interesting evening watching Tricky Patrick’s online magic show. Amusing, interesting and engaging. My 4 years old daughter enjoyed so much throughout the show with laughter and even scream of excitement! Strongly recommend!”


2.  Magic Joe Yu

Magic Joe Yu's Homepage

BEST FOR  Animal magic act, Broadway-like shows

The Magic Joe Yu is a multi-award-winning team that has been recognised by both international and local audiences. It all started with the magician and illusionist, Joe Yu, who created the well-known live animals magic and illusion show.

In their shows, you can see well-trained birds, show-breed rabbits, and more. Your guests can even take a photo with the cute animals!

If you want a big and spectacular show on your grand celebration, then they’re the best Singapore magicians that you’ve been looking for. With their high-technology props and amazing effects, you can experience a magic show with Broadaway and Las Vegas style!

They use flashy costumes, fire effects, theatrical backdrops, and other dazzling features to give guests an ultimate magic show that they’ve never seen before!


  • Stage and close-up magic
  • Family day magic show
  • Dove act
  • Balloon sculpting

Customer Reviews

Many local and international celebrities have watched their show, saying that The Magic of Joe Yu’s show has a lot of surprises from the start till the end of the whole performance.

Clients also said that their family and guests were in awe after the show and also impressed with the realistic effects.

A client gave this review:

“Joe and his team of dedicated performers did an excellent job for our kids’ party at school. All kids were extremely excited with every magic trick and interaction performed by Joe. His balloonist did a swell job as well, doing balloon sculptures for every single kid and even helping out with the cake cutting. Highly RECOMMENDED!”


3.  The Magic of Markson

The Magic of Markson's Homepage

BEST FOR  Party events and services, Special magic show packages, Carnival equipment rental and food stalls.
PRICING Packages
ADDRESS 520 Miltonia Close, Singapore 768122
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9369 4164

The Magic of Markson is another award-winning team that has been voted as the best Singapore magician for two consecutive years!

The man behind the team, Markson, has joined numerous competitions, performed in several countries, and entertained thousands of kids. With their services, you can be sure that your child’s birthday party will be one of the most memorable moments in his/her life.

They offer 2 kinds of magic shows: Markson’s award-winning show and Kid’s Comedy Magic Show. With Markson’s show, everything will be grand, including the fast-paced music, fabulous costumes, animatronics, special effects, and even live birds!

On the other hand, the comedy magic show is for those who are on a tight budget but still want to have quality entertainment. It’s also not performed by Markson and doesn’t come with the animals but the comedic style of professional magicians will bring joy and excitement to the kids.


  • Magic show livestream
  • Party equipment rental and services
  • Live birds appearances
  • Special party packages

Customer Reviews

Most parents complimented the entire team of The Magic of Markson and said that they were really satisfied with the overall services and impressed with magic shows.

A client left this feedback:

“Excellent professional service! Performance was awesome and all guests were amazed and enjoyed it very much. Magic of Markson brought life to my daughter’s party and will definitely engage them again in future. Price was also very reasonable. Crew was very punctual as well. Highly recommended!”


4.  Mr. Bottle’s Kids Party

Mr. Bottle's Kids Party's Homepage

BEST FOR  Signature magic performances, Customised magic shows
PRICING Packages
ADDRESS 59 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-10 Singapore 408938
CONTACT DETAILS +65 6515 5921 / 97397503
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 9am–6pm

For one-stop party solutions, Mr. Bottle’s Kids Party offers a wide range of event services and this includes some signature magic shows!

The shows are full of interactive performances. One of the best acts of Mr. Bottle is where he draws a person or a thing, then it’ll suddenly come to life and start to sing or have a conversation with the magician!

They have a variety of magic shows, including close-up magic shows, educational customised shows, as well as Chinese New Year, Halloween, and Christmas magic shows.

Aside from this, they also do storytelling with role-playing performed with costumes and props, bringing the kids to an imaginative world and stimulating young minds!

Moreover, their creative team specialises in organising unique party concepts.They’ve worked with top corporate clients like PayPal, Facebook, and more.

You can try one of their in-demand concepts like a dinosaur theme party, science-themed party and princess theme party. If you’ve already thought of a theme, they can also customise the event for you!


  • Interactive games
  • Stay-home packages
  • Special occasions packages
  • Online decor shop
  • Learning toys

Customer Reviews

Clients loved the one-of-a-kind acts of Mr. Bottle Kids Party, saying that they’ve watched performances they’ve never seen on most magician’s shows. This is why the pros here have become known as some of the best Singapore magicians.

A customer wrote this feedback:

“Of all the magicians in Singapore, I have never seen one who can instantly charm all the kids in an instant even before the show begins! Mr Bottle has a natural appeal to kids and his carefully produced magic shows demonstrated his passion to make all magic elements flow and captivate to the fullest, such that for years after, kids and even adults still hold the memory of amazement and wonder at the magical experiences. Mr Bottle is witty and responsive to his audiences that made him stand out as an extremely talented performer in all. Highly recommend!”


5.  Party Empire

Party Empire's Homepage

BEST FOR  Complete end-to-end birthday party solution
PRICING Packages
ADDRESS 300 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168731
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9846 9815
OPERATING HOURS Weekdays: 10am–6pm

As we all know, birthday parties can be chaotic once the kids start to play around the venue, But with Party Empire, rest assured that you’ll have a well-organised birthday event with the best Singapore magicians who can catch the attention of every kid through amazing magic shows.

With their magic acts, you’ll be able to see award-winning coin magic tricks, illusion drawings, and a puppet show!

They offer fun-filled birthday packages featuring signature comedy magic shows, balloon sculpting, cake cutting ceremonies, interactive action games, and many more!

With the premium package, they provide a complete end-to-end birthday where the magician will host the party for a full 90 minutes — parents can even join and have fun with the kids!


  • Interactive party games
  • Balloon sculpting
  • Free cake cutting

Customer Reviews

Many parents were so thankful for the Party Empire because the team fully accompanied them from the start until the end of the event. A client shared this experience:

“The Magic show was fantastic. All kids and even the adults enjoyed it. I was also quite amazed with the variety of balloon sculptures that were done during the party. Overall a great experience for everyone. Both kids and adults had an enjoyable time with Jasper!”



6. True Vine Kids Magic

BEST FOR Mini-Theatre Package
ADDRESS 6 Ubi Road 1, Wintech Centre
#05-07 S408726
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +65 9234 6300
Email: [email protected]

True Vine Kids Magic is the company to call for premier entertainment and fun for kiddie parties! Have your guests and family enjoy amazing magic shows and interactive games.

Starting at $249, you get to experience True Vine’s expert take on magic. Take a look at more o their services and offered packages on the website for the best rates.

If ever you want their services for a more formal event with older people, just let them know and they’ll whip up sophisticated sleights-of-hand even the most serious guests will enjoy.

Contact True Vine Kids Magic via telephone or e-mail for more inquiries and information.


  • Free rental of professional sound system & backdrops
  • Stage Magic Show
  • Virtual magic show
  • Carnivals
  • Gospel illusions


7. Magic of Ian

BEST FOR Close-up magic
ADDRESS 6 Ubi Road 1
Wintech Centre
#05-07, S408726
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: +65 9234 6300
Email: [email protected]

With little to no set-up time needed, Magic of Ian is the best choice for seamless magic shows you can conduct at any place for any event.

From the moment your guests step in the party, they’ll be sure to be entertained with incredible magic tricks and get welcomed by the kindest emcees.

Check out Magic of Ian’s magic packages on their website to get a better grasp of what they offer, and see how much you can save if you decide to acquire their services.


  • Roving/strolling magic
  • Dinner table show
  • Customised projects


8. Magician Singapore

BEST FOR Mind Stunts
ADDRESS 20 Maxwell Road #09-17
Maxwell House
Singapore 069113
CONTACT DETAILS Call: +65 81 88 27 17
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8am–8pm
Saturday: 10pm–12am
Sunday: 12am–3pm

Magic Singapore ensures that there are no dull moments in your event. From start to finish, rest assured that they’ll keep your guests on their toes, excited than ever.

Have a feel on mind-reading, comedy magic, entertaining ice breakers, mind stunts, and the likes, as all of these are offered by the company.

With a unique blend of psychology and sleight of hands, you’re sure to enjoy every bit of the party when it’s Magician Singapore that’s performing.


  • Virtual magic show
  • Mind reading
  • Strolling magic
  • Stage shows


9. Frederick Mentalism


BEST FOR Magic Services
CONTACT DETAILS +6591919244 (whatsapp preferred) | [email protected]

Frederick Mentalism should be your go-to guy if you’re looking for a magical corporate entertainer. His performances are geared towards adult audiences only, showing you that he takes his acts seriously.

You can contact him for a customized show and even integrate your company or event’s theme into the performance. Visit his site to learn more!


  • Customized performances
  • Tailored towards adult audiences
  • Both mentalism and magic acts

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Frederick Mentalism’s clients:

“Gotten to know Frederick through a friend’s recommendation! He managed to incorporate client’s (Harvey Norman) brand messaging into his stage performance. Was impressed!

Here’s another one:

“Frederick’s unique mentalism performance blew my mind away. He was creative and witty, leaving the audience wanting for more. If you book him, expect the unexpected!”


10. Derek Lee Magic

BEST FOR Kids Magic
PRICING Depends on service
CONTACT DETAILS +65 9061 0766
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday – Open 24 hours

Derek Lee Magic is the magician that will leave your child in awe. He offers a wide selection of magic services, even having online magic kids show.

He also provides Social Distancing Magic Shows, regular Kids Magic Shows, Caricatures, and Magic Workshops. 


  • Online kids party shows
  • Kids Magic
  • Magic Workshops

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Derek Lee Magic’s clients:

The kids had so much fun with Derek via zoom for our girl’s birthday party. We thought that online magic will be less interactive but we were wrong ! Derek was Hilarious and extremely “kid friendly”

Derek is also patient and very responsive with all our queries prior to the show.

We will definitely recommend him to all our friends

Here’s another one:

Derek, you are such a great person to have at any parties! I’m glad to have you providing the wonderful entertainment and putting smiles on the kiddos! And especially going the beyond to help us with hosting the cake cut, plus managing the crowd!


11. Magic Atom

BEST FOR Psychological Magic
PRICING Enquire for pricing
CONTACT DETAILS (+65) 6681 6664 | 

[email protected]


Magic Atom is a team of highly-trained magicians who’s magic performances are blended with a psychological twist. 

Their main speciality is mentalism and offers world-class contemporary magic services to customers ranging from politicians, celebrities, and corporate companies.


  • World-renowned
  • Psychological magic
  • Customizable performances

Customer Reviews 

Here’s a review from one of Magic Atom’s clients:

Magic Atom has given magic performances to some of the most high profile personalities in the country such as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, celebrity Jaime Teo, and DJ Vernon A. These performances are a testament to their top quality magical acts and mentalism performances! 


12. Amazing Productions

BEST FOR Hiring magic performers
ADDRESS 26 Sin Ming Ln, #08-119 Midview City, Singapore 573971
CONTACT DETAILS 65 9783 7517
[email protected]

Amazing Productions is a community of Singapore-based magicians. These talents endeavour to plant smiles across faces and sow seeds of unspeakable joy into the hearts of the audience through magic.

Amazing Productions primarily focuses on the creation of personalised magical experiences and is a purveyor of quality magicians for formal functions. As the name suggests, Amazing Productions guarantees an amazing level of satisfaction at reasonable rates.

Magicians at Amazing Productions will rotate from table to table and effectively engage guests during the event — keeping them thoroughly entertained. This form of magic is highly recommended for cocktail receptions, private functions and corporate events.


  • Also provides emcee and photo and video services
  • Top-notch magicians and entertainers
  • Reasonable prices




And that’s it for our list of the best Singapore magicians! Do you already have an ideal theme in mind that’ll go well with a magician performance? Tell us all about it!

And if you’re also in search of a venue that can accommodate the number of guests that you have on your list, here are some places where you can hold the best birthday celebration in Singapore! These venues can accommodate both casual and grand events!

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