Is a Home Espresso Machine Worth It
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Is a Home Espresso Machine Worth It?

Can’t function properly until you’ve had a good strong cup of coffee? Then you might want to consider buying an espresso machine to wake you up every morning.

There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the anticipation of roasty and robust flavours touching your lips. 

But before you go out and get the first model you see, it’s wise to investigate if purchasing a home espresso machine is worth it. 



Is there anything more convenient than boiling water in an electric kettle and adding instant coffee in a cup every morning? It’ll probably take less than five minutes to accomplish, tops.

Or you could always have your coffee brought to you by your favourite food delivery services in Singapore. You’ll get a choice of good coffee roasters if you feel like trying specialty beans every day.

But consider the environmental impact of buying instant, using electricity for hot water, the price of petrol, and other factors in making a single cup of coffee. 

Besides, if you truly prefer making coffee from scratch because of the flavour and aroma involved, instant coffee just won’t cut it.

Cost and Savings

Cost and Savings

Getting coffee every single day from your favourite coffee shops in Singapore can pile on the expenses. This is especially true if you prefer customised blends concocted by your barista.

A lot of cafes in Singapore also pair their desserts, meals, and other offerings with the day’s specialty brew. But if you’re in it just for the coffee, paying for a full meal is impractical and wasteful.

Depending on the model and its features, a manual coffee machine at home might work out cheaper in the long run compared to buying coffee daily. It might be initially expensive, so you’ll need to weigh its price tag against how often you make a cup.

However, investing in an espresso machine if you’re a solo drinker at home and only need one or two cups a day to sustain you might be a bit frivolous. Luckily, there are other great ways to make a good cup of java, including a reliable Aeropress



Since most home espresso machines are built for convenience, they’re meant to perform everything that coffee brewing requires. This includes coffee grinders and other features for a full barista experience.

However, that means more parts to regularly take apart and clean so your machine won’t get gunky. And if certain parts aren’t dishwasher-safe, you’re going to have to wash them carefully by hand.

So consider the maintenance involved in getting your own espresso machine (especially if you lead a busy lifestyle), too.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Not all home espresso machines are built the same. They’re meant to cater to distinct lifestyles and coffee drinking preferences, so take a good long look at yours before buying one.

You can look up customer reviews on a brand or model’s durability to ensure that you’re buying a good quality unit. Then do some research on particular functions like grinding capacity, how good the machine’s milk frother is, and if it’s easy to clean, maintain, and store.

Of course, looks can also factor in, but it’s practical to investigate the functionality and price range first.