Everything You Need to Know about Jurong Lake Gardens
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Everything You Need to Know about Jurong Lake Gardens

Singapore may be a small country, but it still boasts a great number of must-visit attractions. Whether you want to go sightseeing with your family or enjoy nature, you’ll find many exciting things to do in Singapore

One of the attractions you definitely don’t want to miss out on is Jurong Lake Gardens. If you’re interested in checking this landmark out, but you don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

Here, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about Jurong Lake Gardens. So take a look at this guide, plan your visit soon, and enjoy.

The Basics of Jurong Lake Gardens

The Basics of Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens is a 90-hectare national garden located in the heartlands. Dubbed a people’s garden, this landmark is intended for families and communities to come together to unwind and have fun.  

  • Address: 104 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618665
  • Hours: Generally speaking, the garden is open for 24 hours, but there are attractions with different opening hours.
  • Entry Fee: Free of charge

How do I get to Jurong Lake Gardens?

It’s easy to get to Jurong Lake Gardens because there are several public means of transport that stop here. On the one hand, you can take the MRT and stop at the Lakeside station; the garden is just a short walk from here.

On the other hand, you can also ride the bus—49 and 154—from Jurong East or Boon Lay interchanges. If you choose to drive, there are North and South Car Parks that are close to the garden. 

What are the dos and don’ts of Jurong Lake Gardens?

What are the dos and don’ts of Jurong Lake Gardens

If you’re planning to visit Jurong Lake Gardens, you need to adhere to its rules. Here are the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when visiting Jurong Lake Gardens.

…keep your pets on a leash and clean up after them.…smoke or litter anywhere in the garden.
…help keep the garden clean by throwing your trash properly and other measures.…release any animals into any of the public parks within the premises.
…drive too fast (if you’re cycling).
…fly kites.
…feed animals.
…fish or poach from the lakes.
…pluck the plants.
…use barbeque utensils (unless you have a permit or you’re renting the BBQ pit).
…camp on the premises (this includes using tents).
…fly model aircraft anywhere in the garden.

What are the attractions at Jurong Lake Gardens?

What are the attractions at Jurong Lake Gardens

As of the time of writing, there are 23 attractions at Jurong Lake Gardens. They are as follows:

  • Entrance Pavilion
  • Japanese Garden
  • ABC Waters at Jurong Lake
  • Dog Run
  • Logs Trail
  • Neram Streams
  • PAssion WaVe at Jurong Lake Gardens
  • Rasau Walk
  • Southern Promenade
  • The Canyon
  • Therapeutic Garden
  • Chinese Garden
  • ActiveSG Park at Jurong Lake Gardens
  • Allotment Gardens
  • Alstonia Island and Freshwater Swamp Forest
  • Clusia Cove
  • Floating Wetlands
  • Forest Ramble (Nature Playgarden)
  • Gardenhouse
  • Grasslands
  • Heron Island
  • Butterfly Maze
  • Lakeside Garden

Entrance Pavilion

Entrance Pavilion

Start your adventure at Jurong Lake Gardens by stopping at the Entrance Pavilion, one of the garden’s main entrances. 

Designed with a nature theme in mind, the pavilion looks like the crown of a Malayan Banyan. The pillars are the tree’s aerial roots, while the ceiling has “holes” that look like the trunk. 

With sunlight filtering in, this place offers a warm welcome to visitors. 

Inside the Entrance Pavilion, you can find the Information Center, where you can approach the staff if you have any queries, and the Visitor Services counter, where you can ask for additional services, such as wheelchair rentals and the like.

  • Operating Hours: 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (daily)

Japanese Garden (Undergoing Renovations)

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is currently closed because of renovations, but you’ll definitely want to visit this attraction once it opens because it will give you a taste of paradise. 

The Japanese Garden will feature floral and aquatic gardens that will showcase the vibrant flowers and colors of the tropics. Mature trees will also be planted throughout the landscape, providing a feeling of serenity to everyone walking by. 

Other features you’ll soon see at the Japanese Garden include terraced water gardens that will display the largest collection of water lilies in Singapore, a floral show garden, and a Rest House that boasts a view of the mass and fern garden. 

ABC Waters at Jurong Lake

ABC Waters at Jurong Lake

Do you love to hike or simply just take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the fresh air and environment? If so, then you’ll love this boardwalk at Jurong Lake.

This boardwalk was created under the National Water Agency PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Program, which is an initiative that aims to improve and revitalize the water bodies in Singapore. 

Because of this, the area surrounding the boardwalk features lush greenery and abundant wildlife that you can view up close. There’s also an amphitheater next to the boardwalk—the perfect place to sit down and admire the gorgeous view of the lake.

Dog Run

Dog Run

Jurong Lake Gardens may be a people’s garden, but that doesn’t mean your pets aren’t welcome to join in the fun. Specifically, if you’re looking for a place where you can walk your dog safely, you should check out Dog Run. 

The Dog Run is a 2,200-square-meter grass field intended for dogs to run wild and free. To make things better, there are also washing areas and trash bins throughout the area so you can easily clean after your furry friends. 

So if you’re tired of walking your dog and you wish you could just let them run around while you sit down and watch them, the Dog Run is the perfect place to be.

  • Operating Hours: 8 am to 10 pm (daily)

Logs Trail

Logs Trail

Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing to look at, Logs Trail is a unique highlight of Jurong Lake Gardens. 

This section features logs that are recycled wood from rain trees and Senegal mahogany. These untreated logs are arranged together at different elevations, allowing visitors to observe them properly.  

Visitors, especially children, love stepping on the logs and examining the different parts of a tree. That said, keep in mind that you shouldn’t step on logs with fungi because the fungi would weaken the wood, resulting in a slippery surface.

Neram Streams

Neram Streams

Neram Streams are made in partnership with Temasek to enhance livability and sustainability in Singapore. To achieve this goal, the concrete drain from Yuan Ching Road to Jurong Lake was converted into a series of streams called Neram Streams. 

Neram Streams channel stormwater runoff from the nearby parks and gardens, and since there are plants in the streams, the stormwater will be cleansed by the time it reaches Jurong Lake. 

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy taking guided walks along the trail, which will educate you about the area’s rich biodiversity. 

PAssion WaVe at Jurong Lake Gardens

PAssion WaVe at Jurong Lake Gardens

Are you looking for something thrilling to do? Then you should head to PAssion WaVe and participate in various watersports activities, such as canoeing, paddle boating, and kayaking. 

The best part about this section in Jurong Lake Gardens is that it’s open to everyone—young and old, beginner and experienced. You can find a wide variety of activities to choose from, so you’ll always have something to do.

And if you’re not in the mood for physical activity, you can simply stay onshore, strolling along the banks or grabbing a bite from one of the eateries in the area. 

  • Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm (Tuesdays to Fridays), 8 am to 6 pm (weekends), closed on Mondays and all public holidays

Rasau Walk

Rasau Walk

Rasau Walk promises a memorable experience to everyone who’s planning to hike or here. 

This 300-meter boardwalk is located along the edge of Jurong Lake, and it winds through several clusters of the restored freshwater swamp, namely Nibong, Sealing Wax Palm, and Rasau. 

Because of this, you can find over 50 species of plants when strolling along Rasau Walk. 

Bird lovers will also take delight in the wide array of birds that they can observe and feed here. Examples include the Grey Heron and White-Breasted Waterhen.

Southern Promenade

Southern Promenade

Southern Promenade is the section of Jurong Lake Gardens that’s meant for people who are craving peace and tranquility. It boasts eight hectares of lush greenery, so you can enjoy a serene hike here while breathing in the fresh air. 

If you just want to relax, you can stay at the viewing deck and drink in the gorgeous scenery. Take this moment to get lost in a book, listen to your favorite music, or simply immerse yourself in nature. 

Another great thing about the Southern Promenade is that it’s conserved as a habitat for wildlife, so the flora and fauna here are diverse and fascinating. With sturdy trees and a plethora of native birds, the Southern Promenade is a nature lover’s paradise.

The Canyon

The Canyon

The Canyon features a series of gabion walls with reddish-orange rocks that were salvaged from the excavation during the Lakeside Garden’s development. These rocks give off that unique shade of red because of their high iron concentration.

The Canyon also boasts a plethora of plant species. Green plants are abundant, but you can also find flashes of pink and purple flowers among them. 

Because of this, The Canyon is famous among visitors for being Instagram-worthy.

Therapeutic Garden

Therapeutic Garden

As the name suggests, the Therapeutic Garden is designed to be therapeutic and relaxing for children and adults alike. In fact, this garden is divided into two sections: one for adults and another for children. 

The garden for adults features familiar edible plants in various arrangements, nostalgic features like a stone chess table, and a shelter that acts as an activity hub. You can host organized events in the shelter.

Meanwhile, the section for children comes with features that will help children with autism, ADHD, and physical disabilities. Because of this, there are various sensory zones and play elements, such as a labyrinth with glow-in-the-dark pathways.

Both sections are connected to each other and the Butterfly Maze, another park in Jurong Lake Gardens. They’re also wheelchair-accessible.

Chinese Garden (Undergoing Renovations)

Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden is currently under renovation, but most of its existing features and landmarks will be retained. The new features are added simply to emphasize the garden’s artistry.

For starters, there will be a new event lawn for community events and other relaxing activities with your family. Venture Trail will inspire children to discover nature’s biodiversity, while the moon lantern terrace is the perfect romantic spot for couples.

A café is also in development, so you can order a healthy meal whenever you get hungry during your stay.

ActiveSG Park at Jurong Lake Gardens

ActiveSG Park at Jurong Lake Gardens

Are you in the mood to swim or just get into physical activities? If so, then ActiveSG Park is the destination for you. 

This park comes with a swimming pool and a gym that you can access, and if you want more exercise options, you can participate in the wide range of workout classes available. An exercise playground is also provided for everyone to enjoy.

As if that’s not good enough, this park is wheelchair-accessible. People on wheelchairs can head to the Rooftop Garden, where they can relax and enjoy their surroundings.

  • Operating Hours (Swimming Pool): 8 am to 9:30 am (Mondays to Wednesdays, Fridays to Sundays), 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm (Thursdays)
  • Operating Hours (Gym): 7 am to 10 pm (daily)

Allotment Gardens

Allotment Gardens

Plant lovers and budding gardeners will take delight in the Allotment Gardens. This section of Jurong Lake Gardens features 300 gardening plots that are available for the public to lease and use to grow their own greens!

Each plot has a raised planter bed (2.5 meters x 1 meter) with the soil already provided. There’s also a mini storage area for tools, but feel free to bring your own as well if needed. 

The lease period for the allotment garden plots can last up to three years, and it costs 57 SGD per year (excluding GST). That said, all this is subject to change according to the Board’s direction.

So if you’re ever planning to grow your own vegetables or simply plant flowers for home decoration, you should consider leasing a plot from the Allotment Gardens. You won’t regret it.

Alstonia Island and Freshwater Swamp Forest

Alstonia Island and Freshwater Swamp Forest

Alstonia Island gets its name after Alstonia spatulata, also known as Marsh Pulai, which is the dominant tree species planted in the area. This species is characterized by its ability to adapt and grow in areas that are always flooded, such as freshwater swamps.

The freshwater swamp forest around Alstonia Island is teeming with unique flora and fauna that will surely pique the interest of many nature enthusiasts. So when you’re passing by Jurong Lake Gardens, be sure not to skip this island and forest.

Clusia Cove

Clusia Cove

Can’t stand the heat in Singapore? Well, why don’t you head to Clusia Cove to cool down?

Clusia Cove is a three-hectare water playground that’s intended for children—but adults can definitely join in the fun as well. Here, you can splash around while children get to learn about water dynamics and the cycle of the natural tides. 

You also don’t have to worry about the water quality because there’s a recycling system that constantly cleanses the water. Specifically, the water goes through a cleansing biotope before going to the water playground and eco-pond and then back again. 

  • Operating Hours: 8 am to 7 pm, closed on Mondays (except for public holidays) and Tuesdays (if the preceding Monday is a public holiday) 

Floating Wetlands

Floating Wetlands

Another project managed under the National Water Agency PUB’s ABC Waters Program, the Floating Wetlands at Jurong Lake Gardens are the largest man-made floating wetland in Singapore.

Not only are the Floating Wetlands a natural habitat for wildlife, but they also play a role in keeping the water quality in the reservoir. Because of this, they’re essential for sustaining the biodiversity in Singapore’s environment.

There’s a boardwalk around the wetlands, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll here in your spare time. 

Forest Ramble (Nature Playgarden)

Forest Ramble (Nature Playgarden)

Are your children in need of de-stressing? Then, you should let them loose at Forest Ramble, where they can play and have fun all day long.

Sitting at 2.3 hectares of land, this nature play garden features 13 adventure stations that are inspired by animals in the gardens. Inclusive play elements are also added, so all children can have an exciting experience. 

So let your children glide like the Grey Heron or jump around like a squirrel with their friends after a long day in school.

  • Operating Hours: 8 am to 10 pm, closed on Mondays (except for public holidays) and Tuesdays (if the preceding Monday is a public holiday)



The Gardenhouse is essentially a building intended for community activities, such as gardening workshops and nature appreciation talks. 

This place contains two multi-purpose halls and two function rooms, so any event is welcome here. In fact, the Gardenhouse is a famous venue option for weddings and birthdays, so you can book it if you have an event in mind.

One monthly activity you can expect in the Gardenhouse is the Bazaar In The Garden (BIG) event. This is an all-day event where you can enjoy crafting with your children, learning more about gardening, or going on a guided tour around the gardens.



As the name suggests, the Grasslands section is dominated by tall grasses. These grasses are predominantly Chinese fountain grass, but other species can be found here as well, such as mission grass, purple fountain grass, and Vetiver grass.

Among the tall grasses, you can find the Lone Tree, which punctuates the expanse of the area. This tree is the ideal perch for many birds, especially the Brahminy kite. 

There are also several small bird species that have made the Grasslands their home. In fact, you can find three bird hides scattered around the Grasslands. 

Heron Island

Heron Island

A bird watcher’s paradise, Heron Island is a 4,000-square-meter island where birds and other wildlife are free to breed and roost away from human disturbance. As of right now, more than ten species of herons can be found here. 

Visitors to Heron Island can only observe the birds here from a safe distance. 

Butterfly Maze

Butterfly Maze

Adventure awaits you and your children here at the Butterfly Maze. 

Despite having “maze” in its name, this place actually doesn’t feature the traditional hedge maze look. Instead, it has an open landscape with mounds scattered throughout the area that children can traverse however they want. 

There are slides and signs throughout the maze that educate visitors about pollination and butterflies, and if you want to stop for a while, there are quiet corners and rest areas throughout. 

The Butterfly Maze also connects to the children’s section of the Therapeutic Garden, so you’ll be able to enjoy more stunning views of nature.

Lakeside Garden (Undergoing Renovations)

Lakeside Garden

Currently undergoing redevelopment, the Lakeside Garden will be your one-stop destination for all things relaxing and fun. 

For people who just want to have a picnic or relax, a vibrant lawn in front of the lake is provided for them. Meanwhile, youngsters who want more activities can head to Youth Park, which has several recreational facilities, such as a skate park. 

A pavilion decorated with colorful bougainvilleas is also available, providing more space for you to lounge and de-stress with your loved ones.

Are there trails in Jurong Lake Gardens?

Are there trails in Jurong Lake Gardens

If you’re someone who enjoys hiking or cycling, then you’ll be glad to know there are trails in Jurong Lake Gardens. These trails are as follows:

Name of TrailType of TrailDistanceWalking/Cycling TimeHighlights
Banyan TrailGarden Trail3.3 kmOne hourGrasslands, Rasau Walk, Neram Streams
Mempat Trail1.75 km30 minutesThe Canyon, Clusia Cove, Forest Ramble
Park Connector Network - Round Island RouteCycling Trail150 kmIt varies.Goes around Singapore; the Jurong Lake Gardens section serves as a link between the west and southern ends of Singapore
Coast to Coast (C2C) Trail36 kmExtends from Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island Park; passes through other parks, such as Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio

No matter which trail you’ve chosen, you’ll still be able to enjoy gorgeous views of nature while hiking or cycling. So pack up your water bottles, sunscreens, and other hiking essentials, and start your adventure through the gardens as soon as possible.

What workshops, programs, and classes are available at Jurong Lake Gardens?

What workshops, programs, and classes are available at Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens is more than just an attraction. It’s also a place of learning. In other words, you can find various educational programs here.

Some of the workshops, programs, and classes available at Jurong Lake Gardens are the following:

  • Biodiversity Guided Walks: for people curious to know more about the gardens’ rich biodiversity
  • Gardening Workshops: for people who want to start a garden
  • Terrarium Making and Animal Identification Workshops
  • Storytelling and Crafts Sessions: for children
  • MOLLY the Mobile Library
  • Water Sports Orientation Classes at PAssion WaVe
  • Workout and Yoga Classes at ActiveSG Park

Can I hire venues at Jurong Lake Gardens?

Can I hire venues at Jurong Lake Gardens

Another thing you can do at Jurong Lake Gardens is hiring its venues for events. Currently, there are nine venues that you can hire, namely:

  • Butterfly Field
  • BBQ Pit
  • Mempat Hall
  • Neram Room
  • Wave Plaza
  • Banyan Hall
  • Lakeside Field
  • Play Pavilion
  • The Oval

The rates will depend on which venue and rental type you’ve chosen. Also, keep in mind the following reminders regarding venue rentals at Jurong Lake Gardens:

  • The daily rental schedule is between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • The hours will include setting up and tearing down props and equipment (if there are any).
  • Four hours is the minimum amount of time that you’re allowed to book.
  • All rates in the tables below do not include GST yet.
  • You need to book the venue two months in advance.

Butterfly Field

Butterfly Field

Nestled in the heart of Jurong Lake Gardens, Butterfly Field is an expanse of lawn with an area of 9,000 square meters. With that size, it can hold up to 4,500 people, which is why it’s an ideal option for outdoor events, such as sports and parties.

If you want to rent this venue for an event, keep in mind that there are three rental types, and the rates will depend on which day you’ve booked the event.

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental1,000 SGD1,200 SGD
4 Hours Rental400 SGD500 SGD
Every Additional Hour100 SGD100 SGD



Bringing your own barbeque grill is prohibited, but if you really want to have a cookout with a group or your family, you can rent the BBQ Pit available at Jurong Lake Gardens.

This pit is conveniently located on the northern side and provides you with a 360-degree view of nature. It’s also within walking distance of two of the Gardens’ attractions, Forest Ramble and PAssionWaVe, so your children can play around while you’re cooking.

If you want to rent the BBQ Pit, you need to pay a fee of 20 SGD (net value). 

Mempat Hall

Mempat Hall

One of the rooms you can find in the Gardenhouse, Mempat Hall is a 360-square-meter multi-purpose hall that can hold up to 200 people. Inside, you can find various facilities, namely:

  • 18 power points (13 amp)
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Projector and projector screen
  • AV system
  • Eight rectangular tables
  • 80 chairs
  • Nursing room and toilets (male, female, and handicapped)

If you’re thinking of renting this hall, here are the rates you should know:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental2,300 SGD2,900 SGD
Four-Hour Rental900 SGD1,100 SGD
Every Additional Hour300 SGD400 SGD

Neram Room

Neram Room

Neram Room is a function room that you can find in the Gardenhouse. It has an area of 50 square meters, which can hold 30 people, and its available facilities are the following:

  • Air conditioning
  • Projector and projector screen
  • AV system
  • Eight rectangular tables
  • 30 chairs
  • Nursing room and toilets (male, female, and handicapped)

Here are the rental rates for Neram Room:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental400 SGD500 SGD
Four-Hour Rental200 SGD200 SGD
Every Additional Hour100 SGD100 SGD

Wave Plaza

Wave Plaza

Located near PAssion WaVe, Wave Plaza is a 2,240-square-meter area that’s best suited for live performances, carnivals, and other events. Even with a stage and a seating area, this venue can still accommodate up to 1,000 people. 

Here are the rental rates if you want to book this venue for a concert or other live events:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental1,800 SGD2,200 SGD
Four-Hour Rental600 SGD900 SGD
Every Additional Hour300 SGD300 SGD

Banyan Hall

Banyan Hall

The second multi-purpose hall in the Gardenhouse, Banyan Hall has an area of 125 square meters, which can host up to 85 people. 

This venue features the same facilities as Mempat Hall. One major difference is that Banyan Hall has 60 chairs compared to Mempat’s 80.  

Another major difference is that Banyan Hall offers cheaper rental rates, making it a perfect option for people who want to host an event but are on a tight budget. Here are the rental rates for Banyan Hall:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental1,300 SGD1,600 SGD
Four-Hour Rental500 SGD600 SGD
Every Additional Hour100 SGD200 SGD

Lakeside Field

Lakeside Field

Lakeside Field is situated outside the Entrance Pavilion and right between Clusia Cove and Forest Ramble. Boasting a land area of 17,500 square meters, this venue can host a maximum of 8,000 guests.

Because of this, Lakeside Field is the ideal choice for grand outdoor events, such as carnivals and movie screenings. If you’re eyeing this venue for a future event you’re planning, here are the rental prices you ought to know:

Event VenueRate for Off-Peak Days (in SGD)Rate for Peak Days (in SGD)
One-DayFour-HourEvery Additional HourOne-DayFour-HourEvery Additional Hour
Lakeside Field2,0008002002,6001,000300
Lawn closer to car park1,1004001001,300600200
Lawn closer to lake9003001001,100400100

Play Pavilion

Play Pavilion

Play Pavilion has an area of 274.15 square meters, so up to 50 people can be accommodated here. It’s also located near Forest Ramble.

Because of all this, this venue is the go-to choice for birthday parties, especially for young children. If your little one is celebrating their birthday soon, you should definitely hold the celebration here.

Here are the rental fees so you know how much to save up for this venue:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental500 SGD700 SGD
Four-Hour Rental300 SGD300 SGD
Every Additional Hour200 SGD200 SGD

The Oval

The Oval

The Oval is located on the southern side of Lakeside Garden and near Rasau Walk and Grasslands. It holds an area of 12,000 square meters, so it has a standing capacity of approximately 6,000 people. 

Just like Lakeside Field, The Oval is a great choice for large events, such as concerts and carnivals. Here are the rental rates for The Oval:

Rental TypeMonday to Thursday (Off Peak)Friday to Sunday, Public Holidays (Peak)
Daily Rental1,400 SGD1,700 SGD
Four-Hour Rental500 SGD700 SGD
Every Additional Hour100 SGD200 SGD

FAQs about Jurong Lake Gardens in Singapore