How to Choose Pillows For Your Bad Back
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How to Choose Pillows For Your Bad Back

It’s such an ordeal to wake up to an aching back or other body parts even after a full night’s sleep. Oftentimes, it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

You can get your back examined and treated by professionals, but the culprit might just be a seemingly innocent object you sleep with! That’s right, your favourite pillow could be exacerbating an already bad back. 

The good news is that there are now many types of pillows expressly made for back pain, which we’ll examine closely in this post.

Get one with sufficient lumbar support.

Get one with sufficient lumbar support

A lot of back pain is felt in the lower part where the joints, muscles, and spinal discs come together. If your spine is strangely curved, you’ll likely feel lumbar or lower back pain.

You can address this issue in a couple of ways. First, you can get regular massages to take the pain away, or you could invest in a massage chair to sit on while working or relaxing.

The downside is that both of those options can cause a lot of money.

But there’s an affordable option. There are plenty of back support pillows expressly made to address lumbar pain without putting pressure on your spine.

Get one that accommodates your preferred sleeping position.

Get one that accommodates your preferred sleeping position
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How you sleep can also affect how your back and entire body feels when you wake up. It’s a good thing that there are pillows that can accommodate different sleeping positions.

For instance, memory foam pillows are great at conforming to contours of the neck and shoulders so they’re best for side sleepers. They’re soft and comfortable but have enough pressure to help maintain proper spinal alignment.

Body pillows are also great options for side sleepers. Aside from keeping the spine aligned, they also offer sufficient abdominal support (especially for pregnant women).

Consider neck and knee pillows, too. 

Consider neck and knee pillows, too

Physiotherapists will tell you that your knees and hips should also be properly aligned when you sleep to avoid lower back pain. That’s why pillows for the knees are also good investments because they can prevent your knees from touching and breaking their alignment.

Proper alignment can also keep pressure off your nerves so you’re guaranteed better quality sleep.

And in the same vein that a mattress topper provides a layer of comfort for your bed, a neck pillow can also support the way your head rests when you sleep, travel, or even work.

Get different pillows for sleeping and working.

Get different pillows for sleeping and working

If you’re wondering why gaming chairs and high-end office chairs have high price tags, it’s because of the seemingly small details they provide to up the seater’s comfort. 

Those details include neck and lumbar support pillows, which, for anyone who’s a gamer or works in front of a desk for hours, definitely need.

Pillows that attach to your chair are different compared to those meant to be laid on your mattress. They’re designed to stay put with straps while you work or travel and give your neck, waist, and back the support they need.