How to Choose the Best CatererHow to Choose the Best Caterer
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How to Choose the Best Caterer

They say bad food is just bad food. But good food will always outweigh other factors surrounding it—whether that’s poor ambiance or bad weather. 

So, choosing a caterer for your event is a big responsibility. It completes the celebration and is one of the highlights of the day, both for you and your guests. 

In fact, getting an excellent event planner is the same as getting an outstanding caterer. Luckily, we curated a simple list in order to help you choose the best caterer in Singapore for your event!

Communication and Responsiveness

When it comes to choosing a caterer, one major quality that you need to look for is how they communicate. Do they easily and quickly respond to your inquiries and concerns? 

A competent caterer practises good communication and is open to suggestions and even critiques. This is a factor where you can assess whether the caterer is truly concerned with your needs or they merely consider you as another client. 

Some may claim that they have the best tasting food or they only use the freshest ingredients, but if you’re experiencing issues in the earlier stages of communication, then that might be a problem in the long run.

So always make sure that the caterer is responsive and interested in knowing the details of your event. In return, they should explain the coverage of their services to you as well.

Organisation and Flexibility

One thing to also keep in mind is how organised the caterer is. If there’s a contract, you check its details thoroughly, from the food and beverage inclusions to the services they’ll be providing you with. 

Also, you should see if the caterer’s menu is flexible enough to cater any requests and dietary needs. It’s already a red flag if they aren’t willing to adapt their menu to the custom theme of your event.

Any caterer in the food service industry knows that they should be constantly updating their menu. It’s important to adapt with the current and constantly evolving trends.

Experience and Familiarity

Just like any expert, choosing the best caterer should have a high level of professionalism. That covers both years of experience, skills, and even customer reviews. 

You should also choose a caterer that’s familiar with your event. If the celebration happens to be in a luxurious event space, you can’t just choose a BBQ-joint caterer. 

The same thing goes for a high-end corporate caterer serving kiddie meals for a birthday celebration. Remember, it should always suit your theme and audience.

If you’re solely having a wedding, then you can choose a wedding caterer that focuses on this field. Perhaps you can even look for a specific caterer that specialises in vegetarian menus too. 

Customer Service

Do they schedule tastings convenient to your availability? Do they allot enough time during menu selections? If the answer is yes, then you’re in good hands!

Otherwise, then you might want to reconsider. Also, another tip, never settle for a caterer that will only give you generic samples for tastings—you need to taste the actual food on your menu.

Your expectations and needs should be the caterer’s top priority no matter what. See if they value customer service greatly by how they show their services even right before your event.

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