5 Budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas You Can Try
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5 Budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas You Can Try 

Transforming an outdated bathroom into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space is one of the home upgrades that many homeowners want. However, the costs involved in bathroom renovation projects may be deal-breaking for some. 

If you’re facing this issue, don’t fret because we have your back. Here are some budget bathroom makeover ideas you can try to get your renovation plans and gears going without blowing your savings. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

If you have leftover paint from your kitchen renovation or other renovation projects, you can use some of them in your bathroom. With a new coat of paint, you can change the ambiance and aesthetic of your bathroom. 

Since most of your bathroom’s wall space may be taken by the cabinet, mirror, tub, shower, and other fixtures, you may be working on very little space, so this can be a DIY project. 

However, if you have a spacious bathroom, you may have to hire an interior designer and professional painting service to handle the job for you. 

Warm Metallic Hardware 

Warm metallics such as gold, brass, and antique bronze hardware can be a budget-friendly way to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. You can opt for a cabinet handle, doorknob, toilet seat cover, and vanity mirrors with gold finishings. 

Just remember that when it comes to warm metallics, less is more. Therefore, they’re best used as an accent in your bathroom’s interior rather than the main component. 

Nonetheless, if you require expert help in changing the look or overall layout of your bathroom, here are some of the firms we reviewed that may be of help to you. 

Floating Vanity with Open Shelving 

If you have a small bathroom, investing in a floating vanity might be worth considering. You see, it comes in a range of forms and sizes, so finding the unit that can fit your bathroom can be easy. 

Since the vanity is designed to be as if it’s floating, you can have larger floor space in your bathroom. 

In addition to that, you can opt for the one with open shelving so you can have additional storage space for your bathroom necessities or other home decors to fit your bathroom’s theme. 

Subway Tiles 

Tiles are one of the most trendy flooring choices for bathrooms. However, it might be hard to pick the right one with all the tile materials, styles, and colors. 

Subway tile is a polished ceramic tile that looks like a brick. You can consider this for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces because it offers a minimalist and classic aesthetic that can fit into traditional and contemporary bathroom interiors. 

New Faucets

Another budget-friendly bathroom upgrade you can try is installing a new faucet in your sink, vanity area, and tub. It can help improve the look of your bathroom countertop or vanity without replacing it entirely. 

Furthermore, you can take the DIY route with this project. If it’s not a damaged or leaky faucet, you may not have to call a plumber, and you can change the hardware in less than an hour.