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Top 20 Spots for Bomboloni Lovers in Singapore

Do you know the difference between an American doughnut and an Italian bomboloni? Doughnuts are typically denser and heavier, while bombolonis are lighter, fluffier, and often filled with cream or jam.

Generally, a bomboloni can range from S$2 to S$4 each. So if you have a bit of money, there’s no reason not to enjoy the best bomboloni in Singapore, which we’ll explore in this guide.

All Things Delicious

Address: 34 Arab St, #01-01, Singapore 199733 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562914252

Hours: Daily, 8 AM–7 PM

Price: $$$


All Things Delicious is a halal bakery renowned for its premium, natural ingredients used in its baked goods.

Alongside famous brunch items and desserts, the shop offers enticing brioche bomboloni. We especially enjoy its delightful mango variant filled with aromatic Alphonso (Indian variety) mango curd inside a soft “bun.”

Pro-tip: Gluten-free versions are also available.

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Address: 56 Tanglin Rd, #01-03, Singapore 247964 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6590996405

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 8 AM–10 PM 

Price: $$


The bombolonis at Nassim Hill Bakery have become known for their light, fluffy brioche base filled generously. But it’s best to check the display for available flavours, as some are dependent on availability and season.

Alternatively, you can order via its website, especially for popular mixed flavours like kaya and chocolate cream doughnuts (box of 4 for S$14). 

Pro-tip: Passionfruit is also a new addition for citrus flavour enthusiasts.

Fluff Bakery

Address: 795 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198763 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6591447729

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11.30 AM–7 PM; Sundays, 11 AM–6 PM

Price: $


Fluff Bakery, situated on North Bridge Road, offers innovative halal doughnut flavours both in-store and online. Here, you can indulge in options like maple cinnamon toast, chocolate salted caramel, lemon cheesecake, hazelnut, and vanilla bean.

Can’t choose? Then opt for a box of four assorted flavours. Or try the crispy doughnut with crunchy sugar bits and a light, sweet vanilla bean filling that’s simply delicious.

Pro-tip: The flavours change weekly, so watch out for them.

Burnt Ends Bakery

Address: 7 Dempsey Rd, #01-01, Singapore 249671 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 8 AM–4 PM

Price: $$


At Burnt Ends Dempsey Hill, you can indulge in delicious bomboloni in a charming bakery setting. We tried the mixed stuffed doughnuts with passionfruit curd, vanilla cream, and Nutella (S$24 for half a dozen).

Among the variations, the fruity passionfruit curd stood out with its vibrant flavour. But the vanilla was pleasantly light, while the Nutella remained a familiar taste. 

Pro-tip: The outdoor seating is pet-friendly, so bring your furbabies along.

Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 237, Singapore 819666 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Daily, 10 AM–10 PM

Price: $$


Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery offers a unique twist on traditional Italian bomboloni with its sourdough-based creations featuring exciting flavours. But don’t fret because it’s still sweet; the sourdough base simply lends a tangy flavour and chewy texture.

A box of nine includes options like blueberry lemon thyme and passionfruit with caramelised banana. Among them, the blueberry lemon thyme stood out with its balanced sweet and sour notes and creamy filling, perfect with the fruity flavour.

Pro-tip: Pair your bomboloni with an iced hojicha (Japanese green tea) latte—refreshing, not overly sweet, with a robust tea flavour.


Address: 157C Tamarind Rd, Singapore 806107 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6588934814

Hours: Pre-order daily, 2 to 6 PM

Price: $$


Kobashi, a home-based bakery, is gaining traction on social media with its artisanal sourdough bakes crafted in small batches. Its regularly updated menu introduces six new flavours (S$19 for 4), freshly made at dawn for pre-orders.

It offers yummy flavours like vanilla cheese crème brûlée with its sugary crust. For something unique, try the white chrysanthemum thyme filled with cacao nibs, white chrysanthemum, and fresh thyme.

Pro-tip: The pistachio and mango-passion fruit flavours are also must-tries for their tanginess and texture.

Puffs & Peaks Bakery

Address: 866A Tampines Street 83, #03-03 Central Community Complex, Singapore 521866 (Google Maps

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 10.30 AM–5 PM

Price: $$


Puff and Peaks Bakery shifted to a brick-and-mortar shop following its online success. Today, it offers freshly baked bomboloni and pastries at its Tampines café. 

Monthly menus are announced on social media with bomboloni flavours changing every week. Due to high demand, early arrival is recommended to snag the popular bomboloni, especially on weekends.

Pro-tip: Check the shop’s Instagram for the latest menu updates.

The Fat Kid Bakery

Address: 39 Amoy St, Singapore 069865 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6588364833

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9 AM–5 PM; Fridays, 9 AM–6.30 PM; Saturdays, 10.30 AM–4.30 PM

Price: $$


Savoury bomboloni? Why ever not?

The Fat Kid Bakery is renowned for its sourdough bomboloni. Despite initial concerns about the filling, further inspection revealed generous amounts inside each pastry!

Try the sour cream & onion bomboloni, which is inspired by potato chips. But if you want something sweet, the Chocolate Mess with velvety chocolate cream filling is a must-try.

Pro-tip: A coffee station is available if you want to pair your bomboloni with a cup of brew.

Fitri Creations

Address: 361 Sembawang Cres, #01-02 Sun Natura, Singapore 750361 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6588225521

Hours: Daily, 10 AM–10 PM

Price: $$


Fitri Creations, a popular halal bakery, offers eye-catching doughnuts like ondeh-ondeh and red velvet. It was founded by a pastry chef with over ten years of experience in a 5-star hotel.

Its specialities include the ondeh-ondeh doughnut bomboloni featuring a pandan base reminiscent of the traditional snack. Meanwhile, the red velvet Nutella doughnut bomboloni is filled with Nutella and cream cheese for red velvet cake fans.

Pro-tip: Kids will adore the Speculoos and Kinder Bueno flavours.

Donas8 (Market Blue)

Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, B1-122 123,124, Singapore 247933 (Google Maps)

Contact: 6736 4922

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9.30 AM–9 PM; Sunday, 10 AM–9 PM

Price: $$


Mochi and bomboloni enthusiasts will blow a gasket at Donas8 in Tanglin Mall, as it now offers Korean mochi doughnuts. Previously known as Market Blue, this kiosk specialises in doughnuts made with sweet glutinous rice flour. 

While traditionally filled with sweetened red bean paste and coated with sugar and cinnamon powder, Donas8 further elevates the experience with flavours like matcha, strawberry, and chocolate. They’re just the right size for a light snack or dessert.

Pro-tip: The Donas8 booth is visible as you approach Market Blue.

Delish Hotel Pillow Donuts

Contact: +6590298520

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 AM–5 PM

Price: $



Former hotel manager Serene Tay offers Delish Hotel Pillow Doughnuts, known for their bouncy texture (just like the best hotel pillows!). 

The dough undergoes meticulous sifting and machine-processing to create a softer texture, resulting in fluffy doughnuts when fried.

The doughnuts are sold by the box (minimum of 8 pieces of classic sugar for S$12). Bestselling flavours include durian pengat (S$28 for 10) featuring smooth durian pulp and coconut milk. Other classics include passionfruit mango, matcha, and Nutella.

Pro-tip: For a tarter-tasting option, try the lemon cream cheese flavour.

Haritts Donuts & Coffee 

Address: 2 Havelock Rd, #01-08, Singapore 059763 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Wednesday to Friday and Sundays, 10.30 AM–5 PM

Price: $


Harritts Donuts and Coffee is renowned for its Japanese-style stuffed doughnuts from Tokyo and Taiwan. It offers chewy, pillowy treats like matcha, yuzu, and pistachio (its bestseller).

The shop is known for limited batches made each time so you can rest assured you’re getting them freshly made. Pre-orders online and at the Havelock Road store have been known to move swiftly, so hurry.

Pro-tip: Only three outdoor seats are available with no indoor seating.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #01 – 06, Singapore 238896 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562350368

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8 AM–7 PM; Friday to Saturday, 8 AM–8 PM

Price: $$


Mr Holmes Bakehouse is a bakery originally from San Francisco. Famous for its stuffed doughnuts and flaky cruffins, the brand made headlines with its 2021 debut in Singapore.

Now with multiple outlets across the island, you can indulge in its brioche bomboloni available in sweet and savoury options. We love its creamy lox doughnut featuring fresh cucumber, red onions, cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

Pro-tip: The bakery’s chocolate bomboloni is a luscious treat filled with 70% dark chocolate cream.

Doughter Bakery

Address: 127 Lor L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425562 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6598805721

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 AM–7 PM

Price: $$


Doughter Bakery, led by a mother-daughter duo, specialises in mochi treats. What makes them different is their small-batch mochi doughnuts have a soft, gummy texture inside and crisp exterior. 

The treats are glazed with Belgian chocolate and topped with crunchy additions like caramel crumble and Ferrero Rocher. If you want a bit of variety, the mochi muffins are available in a set of three muffins and three doughnuts.

Pro-tip: Self-collection may entail a waiting time at the gate of 5 to 15 minutes.

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Address: 1D Yong Siak St, Singapore 168641 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6583637614 

Hours: Daily, 7.30 AM–7 PM

Price: $$


While Plain Vanilla Bakery is renowned for its delicious cupcakes, its custard-filled brioche doughnuts are a hidden gem on the menu. And boy, were we glad to discover it.

The doughnuts are crispy on the outside and fluffy, buttery, and soft on the inside—nothing plain about its taste, for sure!

They’re available in limited quantities at Tiong Bahru, Telok Ayer, and online every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Pro-tip: These round treats are also occasionally available at the ION Orchard branch. 

boon café

Address: Floor 2 ITE College Central, Blk F Ang Mo Kio Dr, #02-11/12, Singapore 567720 (Google Maps)

Contact: [email protected] 

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM–5 PM; Saturdays, 8 AM–2 PM

Price: $


Boon Cafe offers a spacious setting of nearly two dozen tables, making it ideal for café-goers and students. With affordable items priced at less than $10, it caters mainly to students but is open to all diners.

Its bomboloni costs S$3.50 each and is available in vanilla, matcha, and 62% dark chocolate flavours. The matcha one features smooth, velvety matcha cream piped into the pillowy soft doughnut texture with fine sugar sprinkled all over. 

Pro-tip: Non-ITE staff will need to add S$1 to the prices.


Address: 1 W Coast Dr, #01-82, Singapore 128020 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6586161968

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM–6 PM

Price: $$


Founded in 2014 by Matteo Pertoldi, ÁTIPICO started as a personal chef company but eventually gained visibility in Singapore. This was done via collaborations with clients, embassies, and luxury brands. 

Its expertise spans from fine patisserie to artisan bread. Its bomboloni comes in two flavours but both are must-tries: fluffy pillows with either Italian pastry cream or choco hazelnut filling, rolled in delectable sugar.

Pro-tip: Pre-order online is recommended so you know when your fave items are sold out.

Boms & Buns

Address: 430 Upper Changi Rd, #01-54 East Village, Singapore 487048 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6594752559

Hours: Daily, noon–8 PM

Price: $$


At Boms & Buns, the bomboloni is generously filled with cream oozing out when you bite into it. Flavours range from classic Nutella to exotic raspberry lychee. 

We tried the latter, finding the combination of cream, lychee coulis (puree), raspberry coulis, and vanilla chantilly (sweetened cream) both rich and refreshing. Mini Bombags are available for gifting or indulging (we won’t judge!) in assorted flavours.

Pro-tip: The Mini Bombags are strictly for pre-order only.

Madd Pizza

Address: 19 Haji Ln, Singapore 189212 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6591289291

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM–midnight

Price: $$


You might be surprised to find a pizza joint in this guide. But pizza is not the only Italian offering in the eatery, as it also attracts bomboloni enthusiasts to its graffiti-filled interiors. 

We were surprised to find its custard bomboloni airy and light with a vanilla-infused filling. The restaurant also offers a chocolate cream variety for those seeking extra dessert indulgence.

Pro-tip: Seating options include indoor and street seating on both sides of the lane.

Boozy Bombo

Address: Kitchener Link Singapore (home-based business) (Google Maps)

Contact: +65 8928 6732 

Hours: Place orders here

Price: $$


Boozy Bombo is the latest addition to the Singapore bomboloni scene, operating as a home-based business. It specialises in booze-filled bomboloni but also offers excellent non-alcoholic desserts. 

Its signature is a shot of Bailey’s liquor injected into a Bailey cream-filled doughnut. How’s that for a truly sinful dessert?

Signature alcoholic flavours include Bailey Sanity, Cafe Kahlua, pina colada, and Rum-ly Mango. 

For alcohol-free options, choose from creme brulee, black sesame cream cheese, Nutella, and custard flavours (all doughnuts are freshly made, so all orders require 2–3 working days to process). 

Pro-tip: You can enjoy free delivery for orders of S$150 and above (minimum order is $15).