Some Places Where You Can Buy Chewing Gum in Singapore
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Some Places Where You Can Buy Chewing Gum in Singapore

There are many reasons why lots of people see Singapore as a strict country. Not being allowed to chew gum is just one of them.

The chewing gum ban is also one great reason why Singapore is so clean.

However, just in case you’re wondering where to buy chewing gum in Singapore, we’ll mention some places today. 

But first…

Can I buy chewing gum in Singapore?

Can I buy chewing gum in Singapore

Chewing gum that’s deemed as a therapeutic product or as an oral dental gum under the Health Products Act can be bought with a prescription in pharmacies.

So yes, you can buy chewing gum in Singapore but only in small amounts and only if you have a medical prescription for it. This has been the case since 2004. 

Tourists might think of Singapore as unreasonable for this sort of law, but anyone who’s ever sat or stepped on spat chewing gum in public places might agree that it’s a practical ban.

Besides, there are other ways to prevent the causes of bad breath that won’t have to involve sticky, annoying confectionery that could get anywhere.

Chewing gum might be available in certain pharmacies

Chewing gum might be available in certain pharmacies

As previously stated, a pharmacist will have to treat a prescription for chewing gum as something under the Register of Health Products. 

So if you go to any pharmacy with a chewing gum prescription, it’s going to be a lot different than merely buying probiotics to keep you regular. With chewing gum, you’re likely required to fill up a book with your name and other details behind your purchase.

In particular, oral dental gums need to meet stringent manufacturing requirements to even merit a prescription. Ingredients like xylitol and calcium lactate have to be at precise concentrations to be treated as health products.

You can try buying some online

You can try buying some online

If you really can’t go gum-free in Singapore, you can try online shopping sites in Singapore to see if they sell it. Confectionery stores that sell chocolate and regular candy might carry them, too.

But first, make sure that your purposes and processes meet the Regulation of Imports and Exports of chewing gum. Otherwise, you can expect up to $100,000 in fines or to be jailed for up to two years! 

As previously stated, certain medical circumstances can allow chewing gum inside the country. And those who can prove that they will use chewing gum for research and development can register its importation under the Control of Manufacture Act. 

They also need to comply with any conditions made by the director-general.

Ask your dentist or physiotherapist

Ask your dentist or physiotherapist

You can also ask your dentist or physiotherapy clinic about where to legally obtain chewing gum. They will likely know the right pharmacies or shops to get them since they provide prescriptions for medical purposes.

Bell’s Palsy patients, those with weakened tooth enamel, and patients with halitosis can benefit from chewing sugar-free gum on a regular basis.

The Register of Health Products might also yield some official sellers of prescription-only chewing gum, so it’s worth checking up with a medical professional about it.