Unique Dining Experiences in Singapore
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Surreal Supper: Unique Dining Experiences in Singapore

One could say that our hawker culture achieving UNESCO heritage status is already a unique and immersive dining experience in Singapore. 

After all, to be recognised as an extraordinary culinary tradition cherished by locals and celebrated by visitors worldwide is already something!

But for today, we’ll take a look at some immersive dining experiences that you won’t see, hear, smell, taste, or feel in everyday eateries.

Around the World in 80 Days

Address: To be announced

Contact: +65 8891 8146

Hours: Booking required

Price: $$$


Andsoforth’s ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ in Singapore offers a theatrical dining adventure with seven themed zones inspired by global destinations. It explores Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days story. 

Prior knowledge of the book is optional, as the experience caters to both enthusiasts and newcomers. Each zone immerses guests in unique settings, evoking the sensation of being abroad with realistic backdrops and interior design.

There’s an immersive culinary journey where each course complements its setting perfectly. You can enjoy rich seafood stew on a French ship and hearty soft-shell crab donburi in a Japanese mine!

Pro-tip: The undisclosed location adds to the mystery and excitement. Andsoforth reveals it only a day prior. 

Fish Pool

Address: 32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6568181918

Hours: Friday to Saturday, 6 – 10.30 PM

Price: $$


You can experience a captivating mermaid dining encounter at Fish Pool in The NCO Club. And yes, expect to be served yummy raw things from the sea.

Premium seafood is served in three styles: sashimi, crudo, and ceviche. Our favourite is the uni (sea urchin) & caviar which is creatively presented in a Japanese temaki format. 

Picturesque cocktails with mermaid art are also available!

Pro-tip: Reservations are recommended to secure a good spot for the mermaid show.

NOX Dine in the Dark

Address: 83 Club St, Singapore 069451 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562980708

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 6 – 10.30 PM

Price: $$$


At NOX, diners experience a 12-course meal in complete darkness, relying solely on touch, taste, and smell. The staff, who are visually impaired, serve three courses with four dishes each, accompanied by paired cocktails.

Afterwards, guests proceed to a lounge to guess the dish ingredients which are explained later. The changing menu provides a guessing game with optional cocktail, mocktail, and wine pairings to enhance the experience!

Pro-tip: No phone usage or photography is permitted in the dining area.

Sushi Airways

Address: 20a Baghdad St, Singapore 199659 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562911151

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11.45 AM–2.30 PM and 5.45–9.45 PM

Price: $$$


Don’t think of this as the kind of bland dining experience you’ll get with most flights. Sushi Airways is Singapore’s sole aeroplane-themed restaurant and has been in operation since late 2012. 

The entrance and progression to the dining area mimic boarding a plane with a large illuminated bar counter dominating the space. Honestly, the attention to detail is quite inspiring.

Fresh seafood is flown in from Japan. A standout dish here is the Tsukune, resembling Takoyaki but featuring grilled chicken with bonito flakes and mayonnaise and prized for its tenderness and umami aroma.

Pro-tip: As the place isn’t big, it’s ideal for intimate dinners rather than family ones.

Ocean Restaurant

Address: B1-455 & 456 B1M, Equarius Hotel, Sentosa Gateway, 8, Singapore 098269 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6565776869

Hours: Daily, 11.30 AM–3 PM and 6–10.30 PM

Price: $$$


At Sentosa Island’s S.E.A. Aquarium, The Ocean Restaurant offers a unique dining experience amidst marine life. Chef Olivier Bellin, hailing from France, infuses his dishes with Brittany influences. 

The menu prioritises sustainable seafood and local produce, echoing the aquarium’s conservation efforts. A four-course lunch features an amuse-bouche (bite-sized appetiser) trio and poached Dover sole with butter sauce, trout roe, and crispy fish skin.

Pro-tip: To preserve the ambience of the place, only children 10 years old and above are allowed to dine with adults.


Address: 311 Jln Besar, Singapore 208970 (Google Maps)

Contact: +65 8952 9300

Hours: Thursday to Saturday and Mondays, 6 – 11 PM

Price: $$$


Restaurant Absurdities offers an “anti-fine dining, FUN-dining” experience with a multi-room setup and a 6-course omakase menu. Each room offers a unique dining encounter, accommodating only eight guests per sitting.

Bookings include the omakase menu and two alcoholic drinks, with options for additional pairings. The best description is “optical illusion” because everything, including the food and surroundings, appears different than expected.

Pro-tip: Watch out for the cast, as they pull out all the stops to entertain guests with their acting.

Singapore River Dining Cruise

Address: Clark Quay Jetty, Singapore 058282 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6563366111

Hours: Monday to Thursday, 1 – 9 PM; Friday to Sunday, 10 AM – 9 PM

Price: $$


Perhaps it’s time to see Singapore in a different view. That’s what the Singapore River Dining Cruise can offer adventurous foodies via a fun and burp-worthy boat ride.

The boat offers a smooth ride, and it’s a perfect escape from the city. 

Experience a river cruise showcasing iconic sights like Marina Bay Sands, followed by a riverside walk, and then end with a delicious seafood dinner (the fried bean curd and chilli crab are great!).

Pro-tip: This is especially popular in the evenings because of all the lights and cool breeze, so book early.

One Kind House

Address: 136B Lor J Telok Kurau, Singapore 425966 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6596333221

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30 AM – 5 PM

Price: $$


One Kind House is a unique family-run space blending urban farming, cooking classes, and collaborative workshops, offering a modern ‘kampung’ experience. Mummy Soh hosts dinners twice weekly for nearly 20 guests.

There are typically three-course meals including dishes like roast chicken, Teochew-style steamed fish, Assam prawns, and blue pea flower rice. 

She also holds classes on Peranakan cooking, home gardening, and food sustainability. 

Pro-tip: BYOB is allowed with no corkage fees!

Royal Albatross

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6593507475

Hours: Open 24 hours

Price: $$$


You can experience a dinner cruise aboard Singapore’s only luxury tall ship, the Royal Albatross. Originally from Chicago, the ship underwent a 15,000-kilometre journey to Singapore for renovation.

The menu features a starter, appetiser, main course (platter for two), and dessert with vegetarian options. We had a leg of lamb as our main course, though the menu does change now and then.

The dress code for the dinner is smart casual. Women can opt for light summer dresses or jumpsuits, while men can wear a button shirt with cotton pants.

Pro-tip: It’s a dog-friendly cruise too!

Lionel Chee’s Peranakan Food Tour

Address: To be announced 

Contact: +6582336479

Hours: By appointment

Price: $$


For a walking food tour, join Chef Lionel Chee, a World Food Tour Associate Ambassador and Peranakan culture champion. He happily leads tourists on a journey into the vibrant world of Nonya cuisine. 

With his guidance and expertise, explore Katong/Joo Chiat’s colourful streets and discover the intricate spices and ingredients that define this cherished culinary tradition.

Pro-tip: He can tailor the tour to your interests and take care of everything, from lining up to buying the food, leaving you to simply enjoy eating (and learning)!

The Sundowner 

Address: 705A E Coast Rd, No. 705, Singapore 459062 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6592495400

Hours: Exclusive bookings are available for a 3.5-hour slot (8.15 – 11/45 PM) through Movie Screening any day of the week.

Price: $$


The Sundowner at Siglap offers a peaceful escape with nature-inspired workshops, a rooftop cinema, and lounge areas. It’s a great venue to book a movie screening for the ultimate chill-out experience.

The rooftop hosts bees, plants, herbs, and vegetables. You can also enjoy private cocktail sessions with a bartender, rooftop farming experiences, and F&B activities like honey pairings, cocktail mixing, pizza, and pasta making.

Pro-tip: Portable ACs and shelter ensure a comfortable and cool rooftop experience.

Platform 1094

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192 (Google Maps)

Contact: +6562046003 

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11 AM – 10 PM

Price: $$


Platform 1094, a Harry Potter-themed café on Serangoon Road, offers a magical bistro setting inspired by Platform 9 ¾. With details like gold-framed portraits and a fake fireplace, it’s perfect for cosplaying wizards. 

Bestsellers include the pan-seared salmon and the House Elves Special Pork Ribs, both praised for their flavour and presentation. 

Platform 1094’s drink menu categorises beverages into “potion” (non-alcoholic) and “poison” (alcoholic). The Sorcerer’s Blood, available in both options, features rum and tropical citrus ingredients.

Pro-tip: The restaurant offers costumes and props for Potter fans to dress up and take photos.