Answered 3 FAQS about Tree Cutting in Singapore
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Answered: 3 FAQS about Tree Cutting in Singapore

If you’re planning to cut an old tree in your backyard in Singapore, it’s best to read up about local laws first just so you don’t get in trouble.

To help you out, we answered some common questions about tree cutting in Singapore. Let’s cut to the chase and start! 

Do you need an approval or permit to cut down a tree in Singapore?

In Singapore, there is a permit needed to cut down a tree in areas that are protected by law. In fact, there are tree conservation areas in Singapore located in Changi and Tanglin-Bukit Timah-Pasir Panjang that are highly taken care of.

Technically, you only need approval from the National Parks Boards (NParks) to cut down a tree if it has been deemed as a heritage tree or located within a conservation area.

If you’re not sure whether the tree found in your property falls in either category, it’s best to call the NParks hotline for help. Usually, they’ll schedule a visit to inspect where the tree is located.

Notably, over 1.5 million trees are protected and monitored by NParks all throughout Singapore’s green spaces, botanic gardens, properties, and roadsides

Hence, it’s advisable to avoid cutting down trees if you’re not sure whether it’s protected by law or not. By doing this, you can avoid being subjected to a fine of $2,000 up to $50,000.

For private housing developers that are planning to build structures within a conservation area, they need to coordinate with an architect or engineer to submit their layout plan to NParks for approval. 

What are the factors affecting the cost of tree cutting in Singapore?

If there’s a tree that’s causing obstruction in your property, it’s advisable to cut it down to avoid future accidents. Typically, the cost of tree cutting depends on several factors including the tree’s size, height, and age. 

In other words, bigger and taller trees cause more impact, leaving more debris after the fall. This will cause more labour and difficulty for tree lopping professionals too. 

At the same time, the tree’s age can tell you how sturdy it is. The older the tree, the harder it will be to cut down due to a lot of things forming on it and within its roots.

Additionally, the reputation of your chosen tree cutting company can influence the cost of the service as well. Well-known tree cutters are more in demand due to their expertise, meaning that their rates are slightly more costly than others.

How much does it cost to cut a tree in Singapore?

Generally, the average cost of tree cutting in Singapore can start as low as $200 and go as high as $2,200. Typically, cutting a 5-metre-tall tree may cost around $500. 

Meanwhile, root grubbing starts from $350. This process is done to remove the roots, logs, wood, and debris that remain in the soil after clearing. 

On the other hand, tree pruning or the removal of unnecessary branches can cost from $60 to a staggering $6,000 per tree. The prices are based on the condition of the tree and the type of pruning it needs. 

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