Tattooing over Scars Is It Safe (And Other Questions)
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Tattooing over Scars: Is It Safe? (And Other Questions)

Some people are proud of their scars while others are ashamed of them. They can be considered as either a badge of bravery or something to be rid of via post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatments.

But there’s a creative alternative that we’ll be discussing in this post — tattooing over scars.

We know that you have questions about this procedure, so make sure to read to the end!

How raised or big is the scar?

How raised or big is the scar

Not all scars are created equally. Some can be addressed by simple acne scar treatments while others could require the expertise of aesthetic clinics to help them fade.

It’s good to remember that tattoos are essentially scars on your skin. But tattoos are the kinds of scars that can make you feel like you’re reclaiming your body after an accident, surgery, or other traumatic experience.

Your tattoo artist can examine your scar for its size, depth or height, location, shape, colour, and how long you’ve had it. Some keloidal scars might prove to be impossible to conceal or could take longer to heal before undergoing more deliberate scarring (AKA tattooing).

You can also decide if you want it to be totally covered up by a tattoo design or integrated into it as a proud reminder of what you’ve gone through. The important thing is that you and your tattoo artist are on the same page regarding what to do with your scar.

What kind of design will work?

What kind of design will work

The best skin specialists in Singapore often work with the client’s skin type and aesthetic goals in mind. The same can be said about the tattoo artist you’ll choose.

Graphic design companies also consider their client’s tastes, lifestyles, and other factors to come up with the best visual representation that they want to show the world. But while a poster or an ad can be revised, a tattoo is somewhat more permanent and can carry a world of regret if it ends up not being to your liking.

Add a scar to the equation and the regret might double. So it’s a good idea to talk it over with your tattoo artist if your scar will be part of the design or if it should be completely covered up with colours, lines, and shadows.

Is it safe and painless?

Is it safe and painless

Everything that has to do with tattooing, including laser tattoo removal, will have some pain associated with it. Unless you have a superhuman threshold for pain, there’s hardly any exception.

You should instead focus on how safe the tattoo procedure will be for you during and afterwards. Will it result in more scarring or worsen the one you already have instead of covering it up?

And what about its aftercare? Your tattoo artist can recommend good sunscreens and salves to keep it from fading due to sun exposure, but don’t forget to inquire about the right kind of moisturiser to apply, as well.

Can I trust my tattoo artist?

Can I trust my tattoo artist

To underline the importance of having a safe scar-covering tattoo experience, you’ll need to do some research on several tattoo artists first. The best way to do so would be to ask people with awesome tattoos and inquire about where they got them (along with honest feedback about the experience).

Go through their portfolio and don’t be afraid to ask about their scar-covering experience. You should always feel safe with someone like a tattoo artist.

Think of it as something similar to choosing an aesthetics doctor or even a makeup artist. It’s not just the end product you’ll need to discuss but also important factors like your skin type, potential scarring or reaction, and maintenance, along with the expertise and skills of the technician/artist.