Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas You Can Try
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Top 5 Home Renovation Ideas You Can Try 

Whether your house needs a simple upgrade or requires a total overhaul, home improvement projects can substantially upscale your property‘s functionality and market value. 

To give you inspiration for your next project, check out these top home renovation ideas you can try. 

Boost the storage space of your kitchen. 

No matter how spacious or small your kitchen is, it’s best to maximize any corner space or unclaimed wall in the room. You can do this by adding open shelves or storage boxes where you can organize the dishes, spices, and other frequently used cookware. 

This project is pretty simple, so you can probably take the DIY route. However, if you wish to add more kitchen cabinets or need cabinet repair services for your existing ones, we suggest you look into some of the best kitchen renovation services we reviewed. 

Add a pop of color to your ceilings. 

Many homeowners often forget about the fifth wall – ceilings. Although the easiest way to change the look of your ceiling and your room is by getting the help of professional painting services, you can still try to do this project on your own. 

If you have a room with a lower ceiling, it’s best to opt for lighter colors to create the illusion of open space, so the room will seem larger. On the other hand, if you want to create a high-contrast look in a white-walled room or want a more sophisticated or polished aesthetic, it’s best to go for darker colors.

Another project you can work on to upgrade your ceiling’s functionality is by adding a ceiling fan or bladeless ceiling fan

Use trim and molding for your windows and doors. 

Adding trim and molding to your windows and doors can instantly make them look more elegant. Aside from accentuating certain areas in the room, trim and molding can also be used as a way to bridge small gaps between the ceiling, walls, floors, or openings. 

Note that this project may look simple, but it’s best to hire a window contractor if you want to ensure that you’ll get quality results. Alternatively, if you want to increase your window’s functionality, you can also upgrade to soundproof windows or add window grills to keep your home safe from intruders. 

Update your kitchen’s or bathroom’s hardware. 

If you’re not yet ready for a total makeover, you can start small and update your kitchen’s or bathroom’s hardware. Change the knobs and pulls of the doors and drawers in the room. 

Find pieces that match the aesthetic appeal of your space and make sure that each one is the right size before you make the purchase. Fortunately, you can conveniently find various interesting pieces or decors in local hardware stores near you. 

Create a feature wall in your room. 

If you want to make a statement but at the same time keep the decorations lowkey, we suggest that you designate a feature wall in your room. 

An accent wall or feature wall can liven up a space without being too overwhelming because you can still complement its design and color to your room’s overall aesthetic appeal. If you need professional help with this project, we suggest that you look into some of the best interior designers and condo interior designers we reviewed.