Basic Refrigerator Care
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Basic Refrigerator Care: Stay Cool With These Tips! 

Having a broken refrigerator is one of the biggest appliance hassles you can experience at home. Your food can spoil easily or you might have to live with annoying sounds and smells for a time.

Of course, getting professional fridge repair services is a good solution. They can address everything from regular maintenance to faulty compressors.

But we believe that knowing the basics of refrigerator care will benefit you more than getting it repaired constantly. 

Keep the door closed tightly.

Keep the door closed tightly

This is something our mothers kept telling us as kids when we’d dawdle in front of the refrigerator to keep our entire bodies cool. But a fridge door that’s always open or kept ajar is going to make your refrigerator work harder than it should.

So whether you own a two-door unit or a mini-fridge, always close the door when it’s not in use. If you open the door all the time, it needs to work harder to maintain the right temperature.

It’s tempting to open the fridge and take your sweet time looking at stuff you want to take out. But being mindful about what you need is a good step to basic refrigerator care (as well as making a list of what’s inside).

Cover food in airtight containers. 

Cover food in airtight containers
Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Putting uncovered leftovers in the fridge will not only make them look and taste blah. It will also contribute to significant refrigerator wear and tear if it becomes a habit.

Food should be kept in airtight containers to prevent moisture buildup. Too much moisture can, in turn, lead to faster spoilage and, consequently, bad smells all inside your fridge.

You can also use vacuum sealers to keep food fresh and frozen for longer. 

Fill up your fridge often.

Fill up your fridge often

This is good news for those who always have leftovers from their favourite pizza places or delivery and takeaway items!

A refrigerator that’s sufficiently full of items (not overcrowded, mind) will help the unit operate optimally and more efficiently. The best fridges in Singapore work best when every layer and compartment is used.

This also applies to chest freezers and your fridge’s freezer unit. However, care must be taken not to block any of the controls or vents with food or other frozen items.

Cool down food before placing it inside the fridge. 

Cool down food before placing it inside the fridge

If you’re fond of getting orders from food delivery services all the time, chances are you have a lot of leftovers to fill up your fridge. It’s all well and good — that’s what refrigerators are for, after all.

But whether it’s a full meal from your favourite Indian restaurant or a basic fast-food burger, make sure that the food has cooled down to room temperature before you put it in your fridge.

Hot and steaming food can disrupt the temperature inside your refrigerator and make the unit work harder. And an overworked compressor is harder to fix than just waiting a couple of minutes for the food to cool down.