Basic Teeth Health Care to Make You Smile

Basic Teeth Health Care to Make You Smile

You should observe proper oral hygiene no matter your age. Of course, good habits start when we’re young kids, but they should continue for as long as we have our teeth.

Today’s post is all about basic teeth health care to make you smile with confidence. 

While some of the tips might be stuff you’ve heard before from your parents and dentists, we made sure to explain the importance of each one.

Brush your teeth before bedtime.

Brush your teeth before bedtime

You could be bone-tired, drunk, or plain lazy, but never, ever call it a night without brushing your teeth first!

If you neglect to do this, plaque can build up fast and the sugar and bits of food between your teeth can cause cavities while you sleep. Not to mention you can expert some pretty foul breath coming from your mouth when you wake up.

So bust out your electric toothbrush and clean your mouth of the day’s food accumulation. Making nightly brushing a habit can also help you have fresher breath in the morning.

Floss regularly. 

Floss regularly

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Even your kids’ dentist will tell you that daily flossing is a must. It’s almost as important as brushing your teeth every day and definitely ranks higher than teeth whitening.

It can help keep plaque at bay while stimulating your gums. And if you have gaps between your teeth, it can keep you from having embarrassing chats with people while bits of spinach or chicken are stuck in them.

So floss daily, especially after meals with food particles that won’t go away with a swish of mouthwash or gargling. 

Limit your sugar intake. 

Limit your sugar intake

Our parents limited our cake and ice cream consumption as kids, not as a form of punishment (though that might be a possibility). It’s because a diet rich in sugar is not just unhealthy for the body, but for the teeth, as well.

So to start your journey to great teeth health care, limit your desserts and sweets to special occasions. Your teeth will remain stronger, healthier, and cavity-free for longer (your blood sugar will thank you for it, too!).

That doesn’t mean you can’t partake of the contents of that chocolate hamper you got on a special occasion. But to have great oral health, moderation is always key. 

Visit your dentist every six months. 

Visit your dentist every six months

Whether you’re wearing braces, an Invisalign, or need a wisdom tooth extraction, you’ll need your teeth to be looked after by a competent dental clinic in Singapore. Maintenance and seeing potential oral health problems can keep your teeth, gums, and tongue functioning optimally throughout your life.

The ideal frequency to see your dentist is every six months. This habit should start as soon as your baby teeth poke out and up until you think you’ll need dentures to keep you chewing your food properly. 

And if you have orthodontic or other special oral health needs, you might be asked to visit the clinic more frequently. The same applies to cosmetic dental procedures like scaling and polishing or getting your teeth dazzlingly white.